Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022)


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Jan 28, 2014
The Infinity Ward Twitter account teased this today. I assume this is a reimagining of the game to follow-up as a sequel to Modern Warfare (2019).
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I refunded Cold War but kept Vanguard but MW 2019 was better the big maps were like Battlefield. Quarry was one of my favorites maybe because it always came up in the rotation the Farmhouse map was good the City on was Camped to hell by Rooftop snipers. This series need a Underground map not sure if the DLC offered one last time around. Just like a large coridor with flashing alarm lights for cover.
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If it plays like MW 2019 and has the same audio, animation, etc. quality I am interested. I am hoping it is but a lot of people didn't like the gameplay and higher quality. BO Cold War and the WWII thing were big step backwards. BO Cold War's weapon customization wasn't even 3D. Felt so slapped together and like a AA game from a small studio.

Edit: Also map design. MW 2019 had some good map designs. There were some tight, tiny close quarters maps but generally they felt like real places. Cover, longer distances but most positions were exposed so people couldn't easily lock down an area. BO Cold War and the WWII thing were box based map designs, which are terrible.
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Can’t wait!

Finally a new COD engine built from the ground up for next gen consoles and pc gamers only.

Very very excited! Warzone 2 is gonna be legit!
I bet those Mug Shots are the posters I never played any off the MW games I started with COD 2 then went to Ghosts when I got my PC upgraded.
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Good I miss C.O.D games on Steam. They get more playtime than Blizzard. I mean I was the only person in Crossplay with the PC version in lobbies. I played Vanguard maybe 8 hours total still have the game install but not the bnet installer.
June 8th in two days hoping for something that will put BF2042 to shame.

Not that hard to do. I still enjoy BF4, but never expected to switch from Battlefield to CoD games as my to go MP game for a few quick rounds.
Steam confirmed. LOL at the $70 price point.

Looks like that trailer got cut up or truncated. Here is the whole thing from the source.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if games just start being $70. The cost of development has gone up so much over the years and video game prices have stayed awfully flat over the decades. I bought games in the 90s even for $60 so I am honestly more surprised that game prices haven't gone up sooner. Seems like only once Sony announced that 1st party PS5 games would be $70 did other publishers get the balls to start asking for $70.

However I doubt this will be a concern for most of us... extremely rarely do I buy games at launch for full price. I honestly can't remember the last time I did that... I think it has to do with how my backlogs for years has always been backed up. and as I've gotten older I've had less time to invest in games even though I keep buying them once I get a notification of a really good deal... :D
Given how many hours I have and continue to put into MW2019, $70 isn't all that much.
I'll check out the open beta and decide from there. I'm cautiously optimistic but still feel burned by BF2042. I'm really hoping this scratches my modern shooter itch.
The latest map revealed is... an F1 circuit? 6v6 multiplayer map set at the Yas Marina F1 circuit in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Interesting choice. I just want the gameplay, Hardcore, and TDM to essentially be the same as MW 2019. Same general map design (and not the box layout of most CoD games), gameplay, shooting, moving, etc. Essentially new maps, slightly better graphics and more guns. I'd be satisfied.
I have no doubt this game is going to be fcken sick.

No doubt. Really excited for it and Warzone 2
My first adventures in PC gaming was the first COD. I was hooked on FPS games I think I have all the COD versions, even the crappy one or two. Definetely ready for MWII
I might have to refund the game...

Cheapest phone plans are like 35.00 a month screw that jive.

Update: just refunded
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Steam Guard is ok but you can get locked out of your account with it just as well.
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They do it already with Warzone so that cheaters can't just create a new account after they're banned. That doesn't stop burner or spoofed numbers from being used, as far as I know?
Right. As if that's remotely hard. Nothing they do to combat cheaters or pirates stops any of them. Their efforts only punish the honest player, which has always been the case.
Gunsmith 2.0:

Looks kind of interesting. I am not a fan of kit bashing, but I think that is here to stay. But this looks like it might be a step in the right direction. Looks like you can take something like an AR, and then when you progress far enough you can unlock LMG and SMG versions of it. Kind of like what is currently in place but even more detailed with more sub variants.

Seems like there will be more options for visual customization. Whether they make more real looking options or it is just a vehicle for micro transactions remaines to be seen.