California City Blocks 5G Over Cancer Concerns


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I read your post but it didn't say anything particularly insightful. The first sentence responds to your portion. I imagine it went over your head that you didn't write the things I specifically spelled out so, and granted this might be tough to figure out on your own, it wasn't all about you. I didn't bother to go back and quote everyone's post.

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I like that you added more personal insults rather than trying to understand.

I will break it down for you in relation to your post.

I did not say Cali labels everything as cancer causes, I said that they label everything known to cause cancer without factoring in exposure or consumption rates, even if those rates would cause you acute health issues that no one would ever under any normal or sane use, be exposed to. As such, you end up with items that pose no real risk to people being labeled as such, and people start to ignore the labels, and the items that have serious exposure risks that normal people under normal situations would be exposed to are lost in the background noise. Many of the cases of cancer causing with given items are tested in rats at THOUSANDS of times the levels found in the items labeled.

It would amount to labeling water bottles as "poison" because you can get water poisoning if you drink excessive amounts.