Cable management fail


Fully [H]
Oct 11, 2001
This was never my strong point. What the fuck am I supposed to do with all this crap?

None if reaches in sane ways to be bundled, and there’s nothing back here to try to attach it to...

I honestly suck at this. What the hell do you do with it? Shove it in and slap the side on?


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[H]ard|DCOTM x4
Jun 22, 2009
Since its the backside of your case and not in the path of airflow then there is really no downside to leaving it like that. When you pretty it up and add zip ties to the mix this just means more time / work when you have to change something out.
I would only worry about it if you are a perfectionist and just make sure the front side where the window / airflow is looks nice. How to clean it up? basically you want to group things together into bundles so this often means you need to compare the lengths of what you have now and sort of gather things together with zip ties / velcro or what not. Often this means you end up re-routing things to make them fit better into "bundles" based on their length and where they route in and out of the grommits. On a side note i would have a hard time making it look worse than your picture if i was trying to make it look bad :p


Ukfay Ancerkay
Jul 25, 2006
All my nasty is hidden behind the motherboard tray as well. Clean in public view, nasty under the cover.


[H]ipster Replacement
Sep 29, 2001
That is how my Air 740 looks in the rear chamber. I just got all the wires jumbled up back there.


Dec 5, 2018
I like it. Gives it character. I use velcro tape, personally. Can be cut to exact lengths.


[H]ard|DCer of the Month - April 2008
Aug 9, 2001
I've never been much good at cable management and can't stand trying to get everything perfect. I recently swapped my main system into a Fractal Design Focus G which has a side window panel so I put some extra effort into making my wiring look a bit less like crap. When I was done the area behind the motherboard tray didn't look that bad but it wasn't a whole lot better. In my case there wasn't a whole lot I could do to make the area look any prettier without spending tons of time I didn't need to. It would have also made it more difficult and time consuming in the long run if I need to change anything around or swap anything out. I mostly go for function over form. If what looks like a rat's nest of wires is more functional than making it look pretty, I'm going with the rat's nest; especially if it can't be seen anyway.

After making sure I wasn't going to pull out any wires or put extra stress on wires or connectors, I smashed all the wires to the back of the motherboard tray and slapped on the side panel.