C8H Wifi OC help


Jul 20, 2004
Need some advice...

Came across the following thread at Reddit before I decide the parts for my upgrade before Christmas (finally - last built was 10 years ago). Originally decide to have C8H Dark Hero, but long wait time in Canada so bought C8H WIFI instead (funny that today the retailer called me saying C8H Dark Hero arrives...)

This meets my plan to have 64Gb RAM AND some overclocking.

My spec:
4 x 16Gb Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Red colour DDR4-3200 Micron E-die BLS4K16G4D32ASES
1000W Seasonic Prime Titanium PSU
Corsair H110i GT AIO cooler
AMD Radeon HD6470 512gb PCIE 2.0 GPU
Samsung 970 Pro 512Gb
C8H WIFI with BIOS 3003

I am able to boot with RAM 3733 with Reddit OP's timing, leaving anything else in BIOS AUTO. Also able to boot with RAM 3800 with the same timing BUT discover UCLK is just half of FCLK. Both the booting pass Prime95 test.

So I decide to test the CPU alone - boot 3200 with DOCP but change CPU ratio. Highest boot is 4.65 Ghz but cannot pass Prmie95. 4.525 Ghz is the highest ratio that can pass Prime95.

Do I miss any options in BIOS to make UCLK = FCLK, when RAM is at 3800? Is this the limit of C8H WIFI, and if so I am considering to get C8H Dark Hero and taking a loss to sell C8H WIFI - purchase on Dec 1 & not build the system until Christmas)

Here are some screen shots:

3733, pass Prime95

3800, pass Prime95 but UCLK is 50% of FCLK

3733 AIDA64

3800 AIDA64 - much higher memory latency due to decoupled speed between UCLK & FCLK