Bykski 4090 loop up and running


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Mar 25, 2005
Finally finished getting the 4090 under water. I went with the Bykski block for a few reasons.

  1. EK kept delaying the Zotac 4090 block and I got tired of waiting.
  2. The Bykski block is shorter than the EK block by ~1" , leaving a lot more room in a cramped case.
  3. I don't care for RGB and removing it was super easy on the Bykski block (two screws).
  4. Being half the price of the EK block didn't hurt either.

My only complaint about it is the thermal pads being a bit of a pain to work with, which is very minor overall.

I kept the Arctic Freezer II 280, as it works well and I was lazy/cheap.

Bykski Zotac 4090 block
Bykski QDC
EK fittings
EK 12/16 ZMT
EK420MM rad
Corsair XD5 res/pump @ 40%
Noctua NF-P14s @ 40%
Corsair iCUE Commander Core XT


Thermals @ 100% PL (F@H and Furmark) are pretty great.

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I used the QDC for the first time today. No leakage whatsoever. They were a bit sticky to get apart but that could be down to the fact that I have them crammed in there pretty tight. I would recommend them to anyone.
I have some byski blocks on some 30 series cards....the thermal pad situation really is a pain.

When I did them, I didn't use the ones that came with the block for the VRAM...instead got some of the gelids. Getting them to compress and everything make proper contact was really hard. Just thinking about it is giving me nightmares.

I did finally get it and the vram kept super cool under a mining load.

Did you go for the full cover with the active backplate? Those things keep my 3090 super cool.
It has a standard backplate. I reused the Zotac thermal pads used on the back of the memory. Everything runs about 15c cooler than stock.

I will use Gelid pads the next time I have to repaste it.

The specific block. Bykski Zotac 4090
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