Buying a used Apple Cinema Display, good or bad idea?


Jun 18, 2012
I saw one available on Craigslist. It still costs a bit and I'll have to drive a good bit to pick it up, and I'm sure it wasn't bought recently, even though the seller says they still have a receipt.

I've become kind of bored with my 2713HM. I was going to order that monoprice one on sale yesterday, but procrastinated and wasn't sure if I'd like it as much as the ACD tempered glass display.

I want to go to a nice glossy screen with contrast that pops. I found myself looking more forward to game on my TV than my 2713HM when it comes to visuals. I was thinking about saving up for one of those ultrawide monitors, but it looks like they are all matte.

I guess I'm taking the risk of picking up a monitor that is somehow broken in a way not perceived when picking it up, having the monitor break after I buy it, or paying for an "upgrade" that really isn't one.