Busted Viewsonic VX2235WM? look here for possible fix


Limp Gawd
Nov 7, 2005
I'm copying what I have posted elsewhere in hopes it may help anyone with the same problem with this display

I'm making this post for anyone who has one of these displays and one day it just gives up on you like mine did to me a few weeks ago.

if your Viewsonic VX2235WM monitor suddenly one day when you turn it on the blue light comes on the backlight flashes for a second or 2 and then back off while making a buzzing sound during the flash. and then nothing but a red light till you try to turn it on again. I may have a possible solution to your problem.

So that is what happend to mine a few weeks ago. today I finaly decided to take it apart and see if i could see anything wrong with it and if not maybe measure the CCFL bulb to find a replacement that would work as I had pretty much assumed that the bulb went out or something

first off if you cannot figure out how to dismantle this display I don't recommend you attempt this and you buy a new monitor or get it fixed somewhere (not likely to be worth it with the current prices of 22" LCD's)

upon taking the main board/power supply cover off, I noticed that quite a few electrolytic capacitors had slightly buldged tops indicating they are going bad.
one capacitor looked real bad it was mounted sideways normally and the bottom was pushed out quite a bit as well as the top bulged out like the others

so anyways I proceeded to look for this delta power supply board on the net and found one guy selling a used one on ebay for 70 bux, I decided though that it was prolly a bad idea to just stick a used power supply back in the thing that may have the same problem again or it might not even be the power supply lets check out the bulb.

so im looking at the cables for the CCFL's and theres 4 of them, 2 going to the top and bottom of the display. I was thinking odd, most LCD's only have one backlight bulb. this is interesting it seems to have 2

so I took the LCD itself apart and got the bulbs out finally and discovered it has 4 bulbs!! 2 at top. 2 at the bottom. the bulbs were all a bit black at the ends but that is sort of normal for heavily used CCFL bulbs.

so i put it all back together wrote down the capacitance ratings and voltages of all 6 capacitors that looked to be possibly bad and went frys and picked up replacements, the biggest 3 they did not have exact matches for so i had to go with higher voltage ones that will work fine if i can get them to fit because they are bigger, 5 out 6 fit one of witch i had to bend sideways and do some other things the biggest cap the 2200uF 10v cap there was no way to fit the 50v one I had bought so I didn't replace it.

hooked up power and tada got a display that says no signal then turns off like normal and no buzzing noises.

It's been on my desk running now for more than a day without any problems looks just like it used to cept it has major top and bottom flashlighting at the top and bottom on black screens no doubt due to my taking apart the LCD unit itself for no reason :)
cost to fix it 20 dollars