Business photo management


Jul 31, 2004
Does anyone have any advice on managing digital camera photos for a small business? We have 400 employees, but we only have about a dozen people who'd use this.

Currently these dozen or so employees usually use point-and-shoot Kodak cameras. We're using the included Kodak EasyShare software so that they can download and view pictures on their local computers. A few others don't have digital cameras but order digital prints on CDs

However, I realize this EasyShare software was really meant for soccer moms and such - it definately shows; it's easy for users but a pain for IT, buggy too. So I'm looking for recommendations on software/solutions that can more easily manage and store these photographs. My main goals are: ease of use for our users (they're not all that computer savvy), per user software settings (unlike EasyShare which seems to be for the entire computer), and the ability to easily and intuitively choose which folder to save to (some pictures may be 'private' photos and others may be made available to the entire department).

I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for; whether it's just a photo viewer that has per-user settings and a wide range of camera support, or a much more robust and centrally managed enterprise solution that probably cost far more than we're willing to spend. Any advice would be appreciated!