Business Card Job Title


Jan 24, 2011
Hey there, I work for a small company here in oregon, I'm on a web team of 5 as the resident back end developer.
Recently, as I deal with a lot of customers, I was approached with the opportunity to get business cards.

Here's the deal, I need a bad ass job title.
The best I've heard so far is "Framework Engineer"

Give me some ideas
Why do you need a title? If you don't have one, doesn't that say more?
Seriously, don't do a funky one like Code Ninja or some crap. They've been done before, and make you look really unprofessional. Unless your company has a really funky persona, it won't work in your favor.

If your boss doesn't have a preference, go with something simple like Web Developer, Senior Programmer or some other such name.

Personally at work I am a "Programmer Analyst". For freelance work I use "Web Consultant".
Framework Engineer, Framework Specialist, API Developer, Systems Programmer .... avoid the catchy stuff as said before. I see "code ninja", i'm going to instantly think less of you... Just like you are thinking less of me for not capitalizing I'm a second ago...
Mine would say "Programmer" were I required to have them, which I don't because I don't deal with customers, blessed be the sun.

Scrumptious Scrumster!

To be honest, I wouldn't put a title on the card.
Scenario: You give the card to someone and it says "Developer". They know what you do, or at least they think they do, they think you do what they think developers do. If you don't have a title then you at least don't invoke any preconceived notions and have an opportunity to answer the question of "what do you do".

If you want to take this a step further you can remove any references of what you do from the company's web site, which shouldn't be too hard to do since you are the one developing it.
In real engineering jobs, you can only legally put Engineer if you are licensed. Funny how that's thrown around like nothing in non engineering jobs. Same goes for Architect.