Build New or Just Keep What I Have?

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by sohosources, Feb 6, 2014.

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    Oct 7, 2006
    Hi, gang:

    Looking for some advice. Wondering whether I should keep my present productivity box or build something a bit newer. This system runs multiple VMs and does NO gaming.

    (Gaming box is an older X4-965BE / AMD 7950 / Samsing SSDs / 8 GB RAM. More than adequate for my present gaming needs.)

    Present productivity system: i7-930/Hyper-212 OCd to 3.8 GHz on an ASUS Rampage II Gene MB. Seasonic 750. 32 GB RAM. Coupla Samsung SSDs. Old nVidia 7950GT, dual monitors (like I said, video and Windows, but no gaming).

    Working solid for 2+ years, but no USB3, no SATA III, and a very expensive MB replacement (X-58) if the Rampage craps the sheets ($250-$300).

    Should I replace it while it's still 100% and selling the parts online could net me $250, or should I wait?

    Bargains at nearby Microcenter:

    i7-4770K ($249) with motherboard ($350)
    i5-4670K ($179) with motherboard ($270)
    FX-8350 ($179) with M5A99FX V2 ($270)

    I'm a bit leery of OCing the 8350 (VRM issues?), but like I said, my main issue is, do I replace the LGA-1366 system while it's still viable, or should I just go with what I have? After selling parts the new box might cost only $40 to $100.

    I wouldn't mind a reasonable bump in performance (although present performance is fine), and I will shoot for a moderate OC, which is pretty easy with an unlocked CPU, but I don't need any crazy stuff :) This PC is always on, fed via a nice UPS/line conditioner, and runs multiple VMs. I have no idea whether the i5 vs. i7 will be an issue?

    As always, thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

    --Kirk in MN
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    If it's not limiting you on anything you do (i.e. one or more cores are not constantly running at 100%), then I would stick with what you have.

    The 8350 wouldn't be much of an improvement over the 930. 8320 would be a better bargain ($100 IIRC, but no motherboard discount). The i5 will have better single-threaded performance, multithreaded will probably be slightly better. The i7 obviously would be better in all departments, but as I said, if nothing is maxing out your system, moving to a newer system won't net any benefits.

    VRM issues are mostly present on cheaper 970 boards, and rarely present on the better 990fx boards. MSI is the company to avoid when it comes to overclocking on cheap boards, but their higher end boards will handle it just fine.
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    I'd look at picking up a 4670k combo. If you can sell your parts for $250, you get a newer CPU with newer features on the MB for $20, it's worth the hassle IMO.
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    I was in a similar situation ... perfectly fine computer but started getting the itch for a new computer and old case (CM Stacker) was starting to rattle and started to drive me nuts !

    I went from i7-920 (OC to 3.8), Intel X-25 (80gb) to i-7 4770K and Samsung 840 Pro (256gb) ... kept same 570GTX video card and I can say I definitely noticed a speed increase in terms of how quick Windows starts and shuts down ... but I'm not really sure its the processor or maybe the faster sata connections the latest gen has or going from Win7 to Win8 (just wanted to see what the fuss was all about and work will soon go to Win8).

    In the end once you get that itch for a new comp ... you'll find every excuse to upgrade :)

    If you look at other posts like yours most people recommend keeping the computer a little while longer until the next gen of processors.

    I wish you had the itch a little earlier I was able to get the i7 4770K for mid $220s from local Microcenter when I did the combo with a motherboard.
  5. PornoSatan

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    Your faster startup and shutdowns is due to the faster HD being able to read/write things to and from memory quicker.
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    Jan 2, 2013
    Consider a non-K processor (or 8320) if you decide to upgrade and might want to try out VT-d.

    If it was me, I'd probably just keep using your current system, perhaps buying a cheap addon USB3 controller if you have a need for USB3. Sure, SATA 3 will get you better peak sequential performance from your SSDs, but is that a need or a want for you?