Build me a budget gaming rig / HTPC


May 21, 2010
what I have
-a couple hard drives and a 64GB solid state sandforce drive
-power supply (Antec 620watt Neo Eco)
-DVD drive and Blu ray
-Windows 7
-20" Samsung LCD

What I need
-motherboard and processor
-video card
-true 1080p projector


CHEAP. graphics card under $225, motherboard and CPU both under $300 (as a pair)

YES I will be overclocking. I also would like to buy a CPU that can be unlocked to higher cores if that is still possible

basically I am a HUGE 'Best Bang for Buck' kinda guy

I do not care if it is intel or AMD

If a modern dual core will do the trick then I am open to that even

I mean why get a quad or 6 core if it's going to be a waste of money and energy

I had a Phenom II 555 x2,unlocked to quad @ 3.6Ghz and a gtx460 1GB, this played all my games GREAT...