Budget white and black theme with green accents gaming build


Jan 2, 2006
A buddy of mine was looking to have a 1080p gaming, moderate video and photo editing, and general use PC built for himself. With that said, he had 2 requirements in mind, it had to be built in the NZXT H440 White case because he loved it and he wanted to have a nice theme to it.

After playing around with some specs and pricing that fit his budget we settled on the follow list of parts for his build.

NZXT H440 White ATX case with window (I was quite impressed with the quality of this case and how easy it was to build in here. As most others would say the HDD mounting is a little different than normal but once the drive is screwed into the place it's really quite solid.

Intel Core i5-4590 a good solid quad core with a 3.3GHz operation frequency. (We didn't go with a k version for budgetary reasons and mainly because he didn't want to OC his machine.)

MSI Geforce GTX 960 Gaming 2GB 100ME Lime Green edition (Wasn't looking to play a lot of demanding titles or go above 1080p for quite some time so it made sense)

MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition (Nice quality motherboard which fit the build theme perfectly)

Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3-2133 Lime Green color (Faster memory would help with the RAM previews that will be done while editing videos, plus the lime green matches the video card for a nice accent to the build)

Cooler Master GM500M 550watt modular PSU (nothing fancy but nice quality, modular for less cable mess)

Western Digital 1TB Black SATA 6.0Gb/s 7200RPM HDD(Could quite afford an SSD right now but this will be a nice fit for the build with plenty of space for him until one can be placed in at a later time.)

Arctic Cooling Freezer i11 CPU cooler (nice white and black fan on it so it provides a nice cooling upgrade and matches the theme, win win!)

Logisys ML12WT super white LED bar (very bright, and adds a very pleasant amount of light into the case.)

And now the build photo pr0n ;)

Obligatory Mountain Dew photo ;)



Limp Gawd
May 20, 2010
Very nice build with a good selection of parts. Color are flowing well together and love the light. It help to show off the parts quite well.