Budget Gaming Laptop Suggestions ($500-$800?)

Nov 24, 2019
I’ve never owned a gaming laptop before and have been going back and forth between a laptop and a desktop. I like the idea of portability. Here are some things I’d like to achieve, I’m just hoping to find a compromise between budget and goals with Black Friday deals going on right now.

I’d like to play games like: Sekiro and Red Dead Redemption 2 with a PS4 controller. I’d also like to play older games like Star Wars Old Republic (MMO), etc. 60 FPS would be nice but I know it’s not likely going to be possible on max settings. However I’d like to get as high on graphical and performance settings as possible with the Black Friday deals currently going on.

I’m not looking for the best of the best. Approximately $500-800. Just something capable enough to potentially use my LG B8 OLED TV as a monitor.

Otherwise the computer is going to be used for general purpose things. Any ideas with what I’m looking for?
Dang I was hoping this would have some answers. I was thinking about the same thing :)

Did you find anything? Or have a suggestion? This COVID has me going crazy, finally realizing my OLD laptop has got to go. It won't load anything.
Thanks will give it a read :)
They have some other lists for different price points. I just selected the $600, as it was roughly the middle of your price range. If you can afford to shoot for the 800 mark you will get a better machine with more features. Also check Dell (or other manufacturers) refurbs. That's what I ended up doing a few years back and picked up a 17R for about $700. A few months later when I got tired of dealing with Windows eight, I bought a 256GB SSD and Windows7 and was set.
If you get a laptop with TB3 you could always get an external enclosure for a video card and then play just about whatever you want...
I'm going for the MSI GF63, 9th gen i5, gtx 1650. Going upgrade to 16gb and 500gb m.2. Shame no SD slot or number pad tho.

This guy has some nice reviews for other budget laptops.
I think you just need to go with Asus. Because the Asus rog is the best laptop for gaming and in it is also in your budget. I also have the same question in my mind and at that time I have this answer. I have checked the other answer but I am not satisfied. If you find any other best option then please let me know.