Broke Wife's Wireless Antenna


Limp Gawd
Jun 16, 2004
I was switching out My wife's trackpad (she had worn right through it) on her Toshiba Satellite 2410 and I had the system half apart, just the wireless antenna cords left connecting the screen to the rest of the machine, My son started screaming or something, and I had to leave it for a few minutes, when I got back to it, the screen had tipped back, putting tension on the wireless antenna cords, which then broke, at the plug end on the wireless card...

two questions:
it appears that these are shielded cables, is there a relatively easy way to resolder the cord to the connector?

Do you think it is reasonable to replace the entire antenna assembly just because the ends of the cables got ripped out?

Good news is, the computer gets a good enough signal at < 10 feet from the Router, and the router is right to my wife's favourite chair... so yeah, we can get by, but I'd really like to get another 1-2 years out of this machine before retiring it.

Thanks for any help or support.


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Best option would just be to replace the cables. If you shoot me the model and part number of the machine in a pm I can look up the part number for the antenna for you.