brain fart diagnosing connection issue


Feb 3, 2001
ok this happens to me all the time but i don't fix computers as often anymore and everytime i figure out what i did wrong i never remember it for next time...anywho...please help me figure out this issue, i know its an easy fix but my brain has been so fried from work/school/personal life i can't figure it out for my life:

well my girl's computer was acting up so i proceeded to do a windows update+sp2 install then installed spybot and avg free virus scanner...ran spybot, ran avg...rebooted after the sp2 the wireless connection to her router connects at low use to connect at a medium connection before i tocuhed the computer...i ran through all the configurations and is dhcp...i even turned off firewall to see if it'll fix the problem but nope it didn't ... the connection to the router is fine but i can't seem to browse the web with her computer...but the other computers on the network can get online fine. so now im stuck trying to figure out whats wrong...IIRC it has something to do with sp2 or SOMETHING i can't figure it out please helppp


Jul 24, 2000
Sounds like it might be a botched SP2 install. I would start troubleshooting this by obtaining the latest drivers for the wifi card from the manufacturer's website. There maybe some incompatibilities with the new way SP2 deals with wireless.