Bought a Acer X34P had to turn off G-SYNC for Source games


[H]F Junkie
Jul 26, 2005
Just a little PSA since I couldn't find this fix online.

I'm migrating off 3xASUS PB278Q to a single screen ACER Predator X34P as of last night. I originally gave the Acer Predator XB1 a go(realized I don't like tall monitors). In the case of both monitors I had massive stuttering and ghosting issues on any resolution. After all kinds of troubleshooting(overclocking the HZ, Frame limiting etc.) I realized G-SYNC was on by default with both monitors. The split second I shut that off everything is great, with CSGO specifically.

Generally speaking most CSGO players will tell you to turn off anything V-SYNC like. I'm sure it's ultimately that Sourcev2 is an old and goofy engine, but I just wanted to point out to anybody going to 4k and ultrawide monitors you may want to try shutting off G-SYNC.

Monitors great so far, OC to 120hz without issue, very pretty, much amaze, wow.