boot camp on mbp

Nov 21, 2003
hey guys, i got a new macbook pro 15" like 3 weeks ago, and i installed/running parallels on it with xp pro. Anyways, i recently tried to configure boot camp because i would like to play some games on the xp side (steam), but it will not install. I know bootcamp says you need xp with service pack 2, but my xp pro is the original one with no other added service packs...

Is there any way to get around that, or do i have to purchase a whole new windows just for boot camp? (i have this version of windows from my old desktop that is no longer in service, so i thought i would save money and just use it on my mbp)

What to do?
Yup, if you slipstream SP2 into your XP CD, you will be able to install it. If you're gonna slipstream, I'd recommend just doing SP3 though since it saves having to download it later.

Also, you can play Steam games on Mac OS at near-native speeds with Crossover, if that interests you:
ok so i did the hard part of making the sp2 integrated with windows, but now i have a problem... how do i burn the cd? I dont have nero version 7 or anything else, all i have is the standard burner softwares with windows (I have nero 6, but not 7) and the disk utility from mac.

I dont have $70 to drop on buying a nero 7 just for one use (yea i literally dont burn anything)... what do i do?