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Dec 27, 2015
The 8th BOINC Pentathlon will commence from May 5 till May 19th. It is just like Olympics decathlon i.e. instead of ten events in Olympics, there are five events (BOINC projects) to compete. In Olympics, the winner of a decathlon event is crowned as the World's Greatest Athlete. In BOINC Pentathlon, well, there is really none, but I made this up as the World's Greatest DC team. For Pentathlon FAQ (from SetiGermany website), see below. For our main 8th BOINC Pentathlon thread, see here.

How can I participate in the BOINC Pentathlon?
Every team should be signed up by a contact person using this registration form until April 27, 2017. Late entries are accepted until May 2, 2017, but their project suggestions cannot be taken into account, because we want to inform the project administrators as early as possible. The credits of all team members at the Pentathlon projects will be counted, so team members do not need to sign up individually.

Do I need to register separately for the World Community Grid challenge BOINC Pentathlon 2017 - City Run?
No, all teams registered for the Pentathlon will be signed up automatically for this challenge. Seperate registration via the World Community Grid website is neither possible nor necessary.

I registered my team for the Pentathlon, but it does not appear in the list of registered teams.
That page is updated manually, hence there may be some delay.

How are the projects chosen?
Every team can suggest three projects and one World Community Grid subproject while signing up. The projects suggested most often are assigned to the discplines according to this description.

Where and when are the projects announced?
5 days (Marathon, Swimming, City Run, Cross Country) or 3 days (Sprint) before the start of each discipline on the main page, via Blog, RSS feed, Twitter, and Facebook. While the Marathon project is announced exactly five days in advance at 0.00 UTC, the announcement of the other projects are possible at 0.00 UTC, 6.00 UTC, 12.00 UTC, or 18:00 UTC to compensate for geographical advantages. Regardless of the time of the announcement, all disciplines start and end at 0.00 UTC.

When do the disciplines start?
The exact time for each discipline will be announced together with the project. Therefore, no team will know the complete Pentathlon schedule in advance.

How does the Marathon work?
The Marathon is running during the whole Pentathlon. The team with the most credits earned at the specified project during the 14 days wins.

How does the Sprint work?
Running for only three days, the Sprint is the shortest discipline. It will be run at a project that provides work units with a quorum of 1 to make sure that credits are granted as fast as possible. The project might be either a CPU-only project or a project with GPU applications. The team with the most credits earned at the specified project during the specified period wins.

How does the City Run work?
The City Run is a discipline with the well-known duration of five days and will take place at a World Community Grid subproject this year. The team that earns the most WCG points (BOINC credits x7) wins.

How does the Cross Country work?
The Cross Country will also run for five days, but the project might be CPU-only or also support graphics cards. The team, that earns the most credits, wins.

What is Swimming?
Swimming is a discipline with a duration of seven days at a CPU-only project. The team, that earns the most credits, wins.

How are the overall stats calculated?
In each discipline, overall points are awarded for the first 30 teams with credits according to this table. The team with the most overall points from all five disciplines wins the Pentathlon.

What happens in case of a tie in the overall stats?
Tied teams are ranked by their head-to-head comparison. Example: Team A finishes the five disciplines ranked 4th, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 1st, while Team B finishes ranked 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 1st, 2nd. Hence, both teams reach 450 points. However, Team A wins, as it was ahead of Team B in more disciplines than vice versa.

When are the stats updated?
The overall stats and the stats for all running disciplines are updated on the hour.

Do work units downloaded prior to the start of the discipline count? How about pending credits?
Credits granted while the discipline is running are counted. It does not matter when the work unit was downloaded. Also, pending credits cannot be taken into account.

What happens if a project's server breaks down and stats cannot be updated?
This can be a problem if it happens at the start or end of a discipline. Only credits granted after the first successful update after start and before the last successful update before end of the discipline can be counted. So, if you want to make sure that your credits are counted, you should return them after the first successful stats update (check the time of the last update on the respective discipline stats page) but well in advance of the end.

Are there individual user stats?
No, the Pentathlon is a team competition. Hence, there are only team stats.

Here are the team skills required:


STEP 1. Mobilization aka recruitment. Now, who are interested? Need this to setup PM. Big or small contributions are welcome.

[H]ordes 2017 8th BOINC Pentathlon list of participants:
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Once I have my next level in SCC I'm happy to switch some resources over ...
But I need a "pentathlon for dummies"; didn't found it on my kindle
The FAQ from SetiGermany website is a good start. They will announce what projects to run either 3 or 5 days before the event starts. We will post the announced project in the thread here or in SG main webpage.
I'm in for the CPU tasks. (Still working on GPU setup)

True, my GPU stuff will be a bit lacking as well, if it's not too much of a pain to get on each project, I'll run it on my 2 crap work PCs (no GPU) my sig rig, and the wifes witch is an i5 3470 and 7970. I maybe could crossfire the 7970 if theres room in the case heh.
Crossfire will do no good with DC projects. It would be better to keep them as two separate cards.
I apologize, but I cannot allocate the time to recruit, switch projects, or do much of anything. I just signed a lease for a new office, I have a 6 month old at home that is learning to crawl, and a wife that is busy as hell as the interim director at her job teaching therapeutic riding lessons. I'm swamped. If it's as simple as setting a single project one day, I might be able to do that, but this looks far more complicated.
MGMCCALLEY theshadow27 Grandpa_01 ChelseaOilman You guys gonna participate in this? We could use all the help we can get.
Depends. If somebody wants to tell me what to do and when, I'm in. If I have to research a bunch of threads to figure out what's going on, it wont happen. I asked for a sticky thread that gave just the most basic info needed to help with these challenges but was just directed to a bunch of different threads. As a result I'm currently just doing my own thing as I don't have the time or desire to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where to help.
If it's as simple as setting a single project one day, I might be able to do that
There are five events in BOINC pentathlon. The one that will suit your needs will be the marathon event (just one project to run). The project will be announced 5 days before the competition and you can switch your rigs during that time to run this project once and let it run for 14 days or so. That's it. There is no need to do anything during the next 14 days or so.
If somebody wants to tell me what to do and when, I'm in
See my previous response to MGMCCALLEY. It is quite simple, really. We will inform you of the project name to switch and let it runs for 14 days or so. The rest of the [H]ordes will manage the other four challenging events.
There are five events in BOINC pentathlon. The one that will suit your needs will be the marathon event (just one project to run). The project will be announced 5 days before the competition and you can switch your rigs during that time to run this project once and let it run for 14 days or so. That's it. There is no need to do anything during the next 14 days or so.
I clicked on the registration form, it's in German. Do I need to learn another language to understand this project? I think I'm in the same boar as ChelseaOilman on this one. I want to help, but someone is gonna have to walk me through it. I don't have the time to follow the progress or instructions.
Actually, you do not need to register for this event. You will only need to register at the projects that you choose to run and attach to your BOINC client which we can help with once we know what will be in the challenge. We can also point you to our teams page at the project to make sure you join the correct team as I have made sure to include those in the all inclusive dc list in the guides section. The team itself is registered. And that page is not a project. It is a teams website (SETI.Germany's team) who hosts this event. There should be an icon on the page over on the left IIRC with the English flag that should switch it to English instead of German. There will be multiple DC projects involved that all use the BOINC client software. We do not know which projects (except for WCG) will be included for sure yet as every team put in its votes from the eligible projects. They will announce on their page (which a few of us will be watching closely) and will at that point tell us what projects to direct you to.

Chelsea, the reason we can't give you one simplified how-to for challeenges is because every event can be different. Every project can be drastically different from the next. BOINC itself is NOT A PROJECT. I emphasize this because many members are used to the client they run directly reflecting the project that supplied it. BOINC is just an open source program that anyone can use. FAH even looked into back in its earlier days. So, when we know what to educate you on specifically we will try and do so. The Pentathalon will have a lot of strategy in mind. Some of it is adjusted as you go and rolling with the punches. Some of it can be planned in advance. For someone who wants a set and forget strategy, then focusing on the Marathon portion would be best as you won't have to change anything for the 14 day event. For those that only want to support the WCG portion, that will be a 5 day event. The only thing we need to know for it will be what sub project they are restricting it to. Once we know that, we can do a quick how to for setting things up. For those who have a little more time, then follow our Pentathlon thread and we will try and direct you. Like I said we will also try and educate on what needs done for the projects selected once we know the projects that are officially selected this year.

This is the 3rd year that [H] has participated in the Pentathlon. The last few years were a learning curve for us. I won't lie. There will be some very heavy hitters showing up for this. A lot of sleeping giants may appear. Bunkering is HUGE in this event and can very well define whether you will even have a chance. 2 years ago we had brilong's army of systems hammering away at Malariacontrol. He came too late to the table for strategy, but since he didn't bunker anything in advance and other teams did, he (and the rest of us participating) could not make up the multiple days of work they got over us by bunkering. Otherwise the other teams would not have outpaced us. We no longer have his army of systems, so we need our members to step up to the plate. Some teams don't have heavy hitters but have thousands of little ones that make up the difference.

There will be at least one project with GPU support in the challenge. There may be more than one. But there will be at least one. Our team is typically GPU lite, but most of the projects support AMD and nVidia GPU's. A few even support Intel IPU's. WCG and a few others also support Android devices.
I'm with ChelseOilman and MGMCCALLEY I am currently working a 7/12 most of the time 14 to 16 hrs. schedule and will be until the end of May so I will not have the time to do much else. Tell me which projects and when to switch and I will do what I can when I can.
That's the plan Grandpa. Lots of us don't have time to cater to this, but I think they're gonna get us setup on one or two projects we can setup once and forget. At least that's what I hope.
Well remember I am mostly GPU these days I only have 1 64 core CPU running at this time
Yeah I know. That's why I tagged you. We need some GPUs for the 1 or 2 GPU projects.
Everyone that is interested in helping out, please follow this thread:
Make sure you watch post 1 as I update it through the entire 2 week challenge. Also, some strategy information is posted in post 31. PM for bunkering strategies as we will not be posting lot of that publicly. We also have another area where some of the active members will be discussing what they don't want other teams reading. PM ChristianVirtual for those details.
Calling up more [H]ordes to join this event. Man your battle stations....

In last year Pentathlon, SG wrote something about our team. Go to position #15. You decide.
Awesome tjmagneto, we can certainly use the help.
I'm in... what project do I have to set up? I'll help you all bunker, though I think it's getting more and more late.

Rigs: 6x 2x12 core v4 xeon blades, 1x 4x8c v2 rm, 2x rm v2 servers I will need to set up for this (unknown specs right now) ... and a couple of desktops. I have relatively little GPU power -- all I will have GPU wise will be an R9 290 and a 1070... so I'll be focusing mostly on CPU projects.

I might be able to squeeze in a 2x16c v4 in there, also...
NixZiZ, start with reading post #1 here: as I keep updating it with info as the Pentathlon goes by. For bunkering techniques, I have just started building a list and it is rough but it is in the thread I wrote about what bunkering was starting on post 9 here

If you have any questions please PM one of us or in that Pentathlon thread. We will try and get you going. As far as which project, I think the team is really wanting to hit WCG hard, but it is only a 5 day challenge. It also only focuses on the Open Zika sub project. In that first post, I have instructions for setting the preferences and links and such. Again, if any of it is confusing or makes your head swell..let one of us know and we will try and walk you through it.

I plan on running some work from Cosmology and a few others may as well to at least get us on the board in that category to better our over all position. The more you bunker..the better we will be as this competition is very focused around that. With big teams with heavy hitters... it compounds rather quickly and makes it tough to play catch up in a small period of time.
NixZiZ, glad that you can join the "fun" and support the team. We need all the help we can get. You have way more rigs that I do(y)

Since you all started motivating me, I've just moved one of my hashstations (physically) from one of our other sites to here- I'm getting it setup in our server room- it's a 8 GPU hashcat box, so if I get it back online in time I'm in- otherwise I'm going to be down for [H] goodness in future games- just depends on my work load for the next few days...
Awesome... right now the only GPU capable project that has been announced is Einstein@home. The dates are posted in the thread above. However, if you have CPU's available, those can begin helping now as the challenge starts in a few hours anyways. WCG and Cosmology@home are both starting up.