BOINC Pentathlon 2015

Great job everyone. We did quite well for the participants that showed up and helped out. A great thank you to all. It was a good learning event. It certainly showed the power of bunkering and how most of the teams not only need to do it but rely upon it. I can't say I'm a fan of doing that, but unless a project complains of it the tactic won't cease.

Hopefully next year we have a better turn out. I think the small number of active users competing with the size of some of these teams speaks volumes in how dedicated we are. This challenge really shows how weak our GPU support is. We are certainly a CPU heavy team.
Day 15

Russia had to let the Czechs pass but due to having overtaken [H]ard|OCP, were able to safely sprint home at #5. Too bad for [H]ard|OCP who shouldn’t be too disappointed with Rank 6 but yesterday had shown promise of more.

Pentathlon-newbie [H]ard|OCP have not only claimed a great result with #7 but also ensured that Czech National Team had to be content with #8 and thus missed out on Bronze in the Overall Standings by a small margin.
Congrats to [H]ard|OCP on your 8th place finish....... from a member of the team.