BMW Designs M8 Gaming PC for ASRock

Well, I like the handles. They don't really show the inside much though. :confused:
Well... it's different. Can't blame them for doing something out of the norm.
It seems like this is a mini itx case in a reverse atx configuration with the GPU drawing air from the mesh up top. Would like to see a fully completed design instead of just the sketches, to see the materials they use. Not a fan of the giant knob on the front either, reminds me of a Nest thermostat.
That was mighty nice of them to put an 'X' on the side for an aim point. :D

It's an interesting design, I'll give them that much. What I'd like to see is a mock-up of hardware with cables mounted on the inside. A mock-up would give everyone an idea how much internal space the case has.
I prefer subtle cases. But that is a very cool design none the less. I wouldn't buy it, but its still cool to look at.
I'm still trying to figure out how to build a serious gaming PC inside a soup can.

That sort of tower... Just. No.
I'd buy that assuming it was $200 or less (that's my price limit on cases). But of course I'd need to see the final product too. :)
Give me an unassuming black box to build my computer inside of. I want the performance to speak for itself.
It's a sharp looking case,but looks like it would be difficult to work with due to lack of space. The biggest thing about it will probably be the price tag.
I like it.

Wait, everyone here hates it? Well, then I hate it too. I don't want to be a nonconformist.
I used to buy/make cool looking cases, until I realized that LAN parties were all but dead near where I live, and my case spent 100% of its time underneath my desk where no one would see it.
BMW has some amazing design, even their bicycles and motorcycles. This one sucks.
Always nice to see good Macintosh design come back from the dead. It's like a Quicksilver with windows.
I'll stick with my HAF-932. I'd rather have tons of airflow, lots of room, and absolutely silent... not to mention having it as heavy as a lead brick.
need 9 of them and then I can arrange em for tic tac toe.

but other than that they look good... devil is in the details.
Its far away from my preferred Lian-Li preferences but I wouldn't say no just yet. The endered images dont seem to do it justice.