BLUE ICE workstation Special Modding by Joe Latino (work in progress)


Jan 20, 2006
This is my waterstation.... What do you think about it?
(I'm working on it yet!)

my last update...... (I have raised the base and the motherboard so as to to put under the dvd readers and then I have added a fan that it inhales the air in order to make better circular the air)

.... and some early tests: :)

Just possible Ill put here new screens with all tests/results and new settings for stable performances... ;)
Wow, a cabinet used as a case. It looks great, but do you also use that as your desk? Doesn't look very comfortable to use.
Hi! Dont worry! Im also use an confortable office chair and can open the 'doors' for my legs! ;)
where do you live and what temperature is it in your room? are you using chilled water?
joelatino said:
Hi! Dont worry! Im also use an confortable office chair and can open the 'doors' for my legs! ;)

So you really are using that as a desk. I do like the easy access to your mobo and all the operating space around it.
Im living in Italy
Ambient temp is about 22/25°.Im using water cooling setup for cpu/chipset/vga
For dust I havent problem for now,because it's easy to eliminate it! ;)
With all the blue and yellow I was going to be temped to say you were a sweed. ,) Nice concept and implementatoin. :)
Where did you get those bolts to fasten down your video card heat sinks? I wish I knew they existed before I thermal pasted them on.
I have make it myself!!!
ps. in next days I'll put all tests and setting tweaks I have found for my pc! ;)
yesterday evening i have made other tests and.....
I have found a new good setting with low voltage,best times and results on 3dmark05 (290*9sinc 3/3/3/7 fast 1.6v/2.8 voltages) !!
Just possible ill put it here....
his temps are in celcius im sure. On the other side of the ocean they use that :D
Do you really feel safe with your rig in that bookshelf? Those are cheap compressed wood shelves. The shelves tend to fall out easily because of the brackets in the compressed wood. Id rather get a solid wood bookshelf made of oak. Or better yet a metal shelf like the ones people use in their garage.
These are my latest and best results!:D





ps temps are in celsius,but please refer to Everest for it,because is more affidable!