Jan 5, 2004
Well, I've gotten through three missions so far, and dang am I dissapointed.

First off, the checkpoint system is crap. It takes way too long to hit a checkpoint and there's typically only one per level. Personally, I think there needs to be 2-4 checkpoints per level, but maybe thats just me. The games not genuinly hard, just frustratingly, and this is mostly due to the ill-thought-out CP system.

Level design is good at parts, and crappy at others. Sometimes, the next point to get to is right in front of your face, but it's hidden or blended right into the environment. It just pisses me off when the end of the level is right there and I'm backtracking because it camaflouged into the wall and I thought I missed something.

Enemies are quirky. AI is definatly not up there with the top FPSs of today such as FEAR or HL2. Now, while I didnt exactly expect AI systems as intricate as those, the AI system in Black is just ridiculous. You'll charge an enemy, and he'll just run away while you blast him in the back.

All in all, it's been a decent experience so far. It hasnt paid itself off yet, and I'll probably be trading it in when I'm done. I'm just praying it gets better from the fourth level on.


Aug 12, 2004
Sad to hear the bad experience. The game looked promising, but then again so did PD:Z, which IMO was very overrated.