Black Friday Booty! What Did You Get?

Yarrr... I be getting me Fry's shopping done in ye wee morning hours.

Nothing special, just some computer components.
I'm looking for a Z97 motherboard, I may order one before the day is over, don't want to go high end, but don't want to go with a PoS one either, so who knows. All of the ones that are on any sort of sale of course are MIR discounts so that sucks, although one Gigabyte one did come with 8GB of memory, so I might bite on that as well. Will almost certainly add a a 500GB Evo to that as well, $135 is hard to beat, even with taxes.

Basically I've been building a whole new system so been picking up parts here and there and have been doing so since last weekend, here's hoping for CyberMonday deals! :D.

Seems got wise to the super cheap EVGA 970 they had, they jacked up the price so that with the 20%/$50 off it now costs the same as Newegg, so might as well buy there at least you get a free game with them. Missed out thinking too much about that, so I might hold off seeing if they come back down in price.
Just picked up a 3 ton jack, 4 jack stands, bondo, dual action air sander, 25 foot air hose, and a few other odds and ends. Apparently the girl ringing me up liked me as it should have been over 250 bucks and she keep adding discounts ended up 176 out the door. I'll be preping my car over the next few weeks for me to dip it and paint the engine bay.
Meh 40" TV, some movies, two more dinner sets, and a hunting rifle hopefully.
Nothing tech related, just a bed sheet, comforter and a sweater at Macys. Saved $150, not too shabby.
60" 4k TV decent move away from my old 32" inch got a decent vizio m series for 900.
Nvidia Shield TV
2 bottles of Blanton's
4 Loball spheres (keeps drinks cold without melting like ice)
Actually ended up buying a few gifts for other people. So weird.

Thinking about it however, I did buy myself a bag of fresh coffee beans, as it came with a free drink. So there's that.
Absolutely nothing at all this year that interested me across multiple retailers, not even Fry's which is somewhat odd I suppose. Ah well, burned out Black Friday syndrome, I've seen worse things. :D
EVGA 980 ti - $452 before tax.
MSI 980 gtx 6g - $292.50 before tax.

Got a couple other things as well but priced too low to post.
Ordered a 12' trampoline kit from Kmart for $149 for the kids- have to wait for it to come in and then drive to a nearby town to pick it up.

Also got a Remington XR1330 shaver for $69.99 - 15% from KOHLs. Normal price is $159.99 and it also has a $10 rebate. This is to replace my old Remington that I have had for the past 10+ years.
Two pairs of Sony mdr-xb950bt headphones from Best Buy @ $99 each. For the price these are very decent wireless headphones. Light, comfortable, good sounding, good battery life, and can be used with a cable without battery assist when you want to. Great for commuting. These are the first pair of full cover cans I could get the wife to use - she's fussy - but she likes these.
It wasn't on Black Friday but I scored a 6700k for $120 on Newegg earlier this week.
I just bought the whole Jurassic Park blu-ray set on 'zon for 24.99. Never bought any of those on disc so seemed like a good time to take that plunge.
A couple things I saw that interested me, but I didn't move on it.

HP Envy 34c monitor - $600 microcenter. VERY tempted, but not sure it would be better than my Dell 3014.

Refurbished NEC 1440p 27" monitor - $145 at (don't need since I have a Dell 3014, and don't want to pay for a graphics card that can run 11 mllion pixels (x3 surround gaming).

27" curved 1080p samsung monitor - $200 costco. (Considered for triple screen gaming - but don't want to downgrade)

I bought a Blue Yeti microphone for $80 and a timex watch for the wife, that's about it.
My best was 3x 4tb HGST drives from fry's online for $88 each, no tax or shipping. Took three fucking hours spamming their site since 10am to get all three orders to go through though. Picked up a 5" gps with lifetime maps & traffic for $95 shipped from kohls for mom, and a refurb comp for some friends off some newegg store.

Edit before finishing my post, kohls just emailed me and told me they sold out and had to cancel my order. Insert additional profanity here.
I bought some cheap SD and MicroSD cards and the Lumia 640 $40 and the Moto E Black Friday $10.

Now I have two cheap devices for rooting and messing with and better supporting my non-iPhone peers.
Lowe's had LED light bulbs (the 60W replacement size) for 99 cents each! I bought 28 of them.
We know a bunch of you guys do the whole Black Friday thing, so we want to know if you scored any good deals, what you got and where.
I'll play.

$58-WD 2tb green
$38-WD 1tb black
$30-Lumia 640
$8-32gb micro SD patriot
$7.77-32gb micro SD Samsung
$.50-x3 micro USB cables
#1.80-x2 HDMI cables

Will probably get an amazon fire tablet for $35 at some point.
Half dozen Motorola Moto E phones ($9.99 ea)
Fallout 4 Pip-Boy PC Edition

That's about it
I've reached that sad part in my life where I have everything I want. So I go elite dangerous for $15
I got a SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SSD for $175 from Newegg.

A Samsung washer and dryer for $299ea at Frys.

And an Intel Core i7-5775C for $187.
A couple of Steam games and a mouse from Newegg. The mania of B&M stores? No thanks!
Nothing because I already upgraded my computer about 2 months ago. :) I even replaced the mainboard and bought a larger SSD for my work computer 3 months ago. :D

I am also considering getting an XFX R9 390 8GB since I am able to have my R9 290 Reference sold. The cost out of pocket will be about $180 and I play games at 4k or 1440p. What do you guys think?
I am also considering getting an XFX R9 390 8GB since I am able to have my R9 290 Reference sold. The cost out of pocket will be about $180 and I play games at 4k or 1440p. What do you guys think?

At that res you should be getting a 390X at least, if not a Fury X if you intend to stay AMD.