Black Desert Online Remastered Is Stunningly Beautiful


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Apr 10, 2003
Black Desert Online developers Pearl Abyss have been working for a long time to 'remaster' the MMO up to today's standards. The new and improved graphical effects and remastered audio are now live on the servers. Here are the patch notes and remember to stay out of the cash shop!

The long awaited Remaster for Black Desert Online is here! Enjoy the new and improved graphical effects and redone audio. Included is the newly remastered UI. Be warned, these newly improved graphics are not for the faint of heart so strap in and get ready for an all new immersive Black Desert Online experience! Along with the new look we have also increased the Combat EXP Lv. for the Level 56-61 range so get your grind on.
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Remastering a 3 and a half year old game???? played it a bit the graphics were never and issue the lack of meaningful endgame content was.
I pre ordered the game and played it to 50 and got bored with the upgrade grind and I hated the lack of gear diversity.

Anyway.. Yeah it was already the best looking mmo. Shame i can't get into it.
Wonder if this will fix the constant flickering of everything on screen that kept me from ever playing the game.

Can always use one more grind in my life! ;)

EDIT - Nope, everything still flickers at any graphics setting and the shadows seem to pop in and out like crazy. Oh well.
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I fired it up after I made the post and put it into "Ultra" graphics which is called the photo mode as it is not intended for gaming. Everything was shiny and my Valkyrie's boobs had shadows between them. Then I moved the camera around and it looked like someone had smeared butter on everything. Now remember that this was the photo mode that isn't intended for gaming. I'll fire it up again tonight and see how the "Remastered" graphics setting looks.

Yes, everything was shinier than in the video.
Unfortunately to do any of the fun content (sieges/pvp) you need to put it into paper mache mode. Even with a 1080ti at 1440p and the worst graphics settings you would get insane lag during war.

I was a long term player and had fun with the game but won't be returning.