Bizarre, but Awesome (Maybe?) Case

I've seen a dual system case before (for steaming before we could buy quadrillion core CPUs), but that is intense.
Does it have cup holders and an ashtray?
interesting showpiece case, YUGE fan support ;)

What a monster - I know Dan_D likes his cases BBW; I'm curious if this case would get his stamp of approval.

I'm digging the aesthetic of it, reminds me of Batman's armor plating in the Arkham games.
Definitely would have people talking about it.

I wonder what they are planning to cool with all those crazy fans!

Also, have to look if they have a power rating for needing an extra circuit int he house installed!
Wow, I thought my case was big.......

It looks pretty sweet.
For when you want a server cabinet...but you don't want it to look like a server cabinet. ;)
Not a fan of these "might as well be a test bench" cases with so much spacing between panels and so many open spaces. I prefer my cases to have heavily organized airflow, no gaps where there are no fans to guide the air or filters to grab the ever-present dust. Hell I love cases that have foam or silicone seals between their case doors to keep them airtight. Dust is a bitch.
Huge possibilities along with dual mITX boards along with dual power supplies.

I'll bet its a frigging monster though. :p