Birthday Freebies W/ signup of course


Sep 16, 2005
BASKIN ROBBINS: (a free scoop)

BEN AND JERRY'S: (free scoop)

COLDSTONE CREAMERY: (free coldstone creation of your choice)

RED ROBIN: (free burger)

P.F. CHANG'S: (free mini dessert/shooter)

Sephora: (this year it was a free lipgloss trio, last year a free nailpolish duo)

MISSOURI LOTTERY: (Join My Lottery for coupon for a free Lottery Ticket)

KANSAS LOTTERY: ( Join Club for coupon for a free Lottery Ticket)

LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE: (coupon for a free dessert)

JACK IN THE BOX: (free piece of chocolate cake or cheesecake)

SONIC DRIVE-IN: (last year got choice of free burger or shake; this year got coupon for choice of free fruit smoothie or tater tots)

WINGSTOP: (five free wings...why five instead of six? hell if I know...)

TACO BELL : (free combo meal)

QUIZNO'S: (free sammie at sign-up and free cookie on your birthday)

BLIMPIES: (free six inch sandwich)

MACARONI GRILL: (free piece of chocolate cake)


BUFFALO WILD WINGS: (last year I got a dozen wings; this year I just got a free dessert)

HOOTERS: (10 free wings)

FUDDRUCKER'S: (free burger)

TEXAS ROADHOUSE: (free appetizer or sidekick of ribs)

BOSTON MARKET: (free dessert...with a purchase)

APPLEBEE'S: (free dessert shooter)

CAPTAIN D'S: (free dinner or platter)

TGIFRIDAY'S: (free dessert...with meal purchase)

CHILI'S: (free dessert with purchase of entree)

RUBY TUESDAY: (free handcrafted burger)

NOODLES AND COMPANY: (free entree)

HOULIHAN'S: (free entree)

QDOBA: (buy one get one entree)

ISLANDS: (free desert)
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Whoa. Thanks for the comprehensive list with links. I was looking online for something like this a while back, but any list I found was mostly outdated.

One more thing, Islands Restaurants give you a free desert on your birthday by signing up too.

thanks, ill add that to the list

Of course you post this the day AFTER my

Good post op.

well, dont feel so bad, mine was aug.23rd
Can someone pin this in the conversation? This would be a handy list to have permanent.
Can someone pin this in the conversation? This would be a handy list to have permanent.

you mean make it a "sticky" thread, ill ask a mod, but i dont think it will happen, id be glad to update it as people give me more to add to it.
As a hint, don't sign up for multiples in a short period of time; spread them out over a few months, if you can, as MANY of them give you an immediate incentive for signing up.

As examples, Captain D's, Taco Bell, Ruby Tuesday's, Chili's, and Red Robin all gave a two week coupon for free something (ranging from an entire meal with Captain D's and Taco Bell, to free appetizer, buy one entree, get one free, or $3 off your order) on sign up via email.

Problem is, they are all two weeks; I'm not sure I can use all of them that fast, but I would if they had been 8 week coupons. Some of the others (especially the Sandwich places) will do the same.
Go into any Hollywood Video on your birthday and you get a free rental. Not only that, but all stores have seperate member databases so you could go from store to store getting free rentals. On top of that, the stupid computer system doesn't even track that you've used the free rental so if you go in to the same store again, another free rental will be added to your account. Note that this only works on the day of your birthday.
Thanks again for posting this. I enjoyed a free burger from Red Robin today. Heh, they didn't even ask for any id to see if I was who I said I was and whether it really was my birthday.
FYI I went to outback on my birthday last month, they sang me a song and gave me a free sunday. Bad ass.
haha, i have signed up on two or three of them, and all require that coupon works on my birthday and my birthday alone, so can't buy everything that day. i did sign up few for my family members and i'm only one who eats out a lot i get to use them no problem.
: \ sad to say, I just moved to a smaller city... there are only a few of those here....
I want to start playing again but im not looking to spend 60$+ on just getting all the expansions and such...

any tips? can someone hook me up?
Anyone able to get the Noddles & Company one to work? It says to request a new PW to sign up, but I don't get a PW.
This thread is pretty dead.

Sign up for the Dunkin' Donuts rewards program and get a free drink (of any size) during the month of your birthday.

Panera Bread - The FREE Reward is a FREE Birthday Pastry (or cookie or muffin)

Sign up on the Olive Garden website and get a free appetizer or dessert on your birthday

Join Club Baja and get a free taco for signing up and a free burrito on your birthday.

Jersey Mike's sandwich shop - Sign up and get a free sub and drink on your day of birth.

Pinkberry -- loyalist, yogurt place, you will receive a free yogurt on your birthday and a free yogurt after every 10 purchases you make regardless of the day.

Get a free Egg Sandwich on your birthday when you sign up for the Einstein Bro's E-Club.

As a Jamba Insider Rewards member, you will get a free birthday smoothie or juice.