Biostar Tforce 550 se vdimm question.


Limp Gawd
Aug 11, 2002
I have a tforce 500 se and was wondring if there is a way to set the memory voltage between 2.1-2.4?
The bios only gives me up to 2.1 and the MOBO jumper only sets it to 2.4.
I got the OCZ platinum rev2 2gig kit on sale at frys and they wont boot at 2.4. I belive they are locked above 2.2.
When I try to boot at 2.4 I get beeps saying there is no ram installed.
I googled with no luck. A few sites mentioned 2.2 in the bios but I dont have that option.
I am willing to bios flash or even hard mod the MOBO to get 2.2.