Big-Ass Phones Need To Die In A Fire

when I text I use 2 hands as it is much faster typing....

Certainly, I do the two-thumb screen type as well, as it tends to be much faster.

I'm not saying that I use phones single handed at all times. What I am saying is that there are often times when I absolutely have to use the phone single handed, and when that is the case, I can't have a phone that is too big so I can't reach with my thumb.
Screw that guy I've been using a note 2 and note 5 for the past few years and love it. I hate it my brother shows me something on his iphone because that shit is too damn small for me to see.
I use one finger and's faster than both by a long shot.

I've tried swype on occasion over the years. Was never able to get used to it. I found that all too often I made mistakes in my moving of my finger, or the phone assumed I was swyping a different word than I actually was. Cool tech though.
It's stupidity really. You shouldn't have to use both hands to reach the entire screen.

If you have to contort your hand, or slide the corner of your phone out of your palm in order to reach the opposite corner of the screen with your thumb single handed, the phone is quite simply too large for your hands.

I'm 6'3" and have pretty damned large hands, and I find that 4.8" is about as large as I can go comfortably. In the 5.0 - 5.2" range I can reach the opposite corner of the screen, but I have to stretch my hand and slide the lower corner out of my palm, which puts the phone at risk of being dropped.

Anything above 5.2" is quite frankly unusable.

Someone in here said that phones need to be bigger and that the smaller ones just aren't made to be used. I'd argue it's the opposite. Even if you have huge hands, anything above 5.2" is completely unusable. For most men this will likely be 4.5" or smaller. For most women 4.0" or smaller.

If you can't use a phone single handed and reach everywhere on the screen while doing so, it's usefulness is quite frankly very limited.

I wouldn't take a phone larger than 5.2" if it were free. Heck, you couldn't even pay me to use one.
Same here, im about the same size with pretty big hands and even my Iphone 6 is just barely too big. If i cant reach the top left corner of my screen with my thumb without having to do that stupid trick to bring half the screen down then its too big. I dont want to use two hands to use my phone, one to hold it and one to make selections. IMO the iphone 5 was the perfect size. If i wanted a tablet id get a tablet. And the 6+ and note phones are just stupid big, like you look retarded holding that huge ass screen next to your head.