[BestBuy@eBay] GTX 1080 FE - $449

477 + $40 in eBay gift card + Gears of War 4. Comparing it to paying 1k for 2 cards is your idea of a better deal? If you have 1k, then your waiting for the ti and this deal wasn't for you anyway.

Why the hate?

Hate? lol and getting even more lucky with the gift cards doesn't mean its applicable for everyone. And the point is you can get better cards for a couple bucks more and eventually sell the 2nd one for cost at 500 is a helluvalot easier sell than trying to unload a FE for a profit.
Mine got swapped out as well, though I managed 2x GOW codes along with the $20 gift card. So $449 - $70 or so.

Pretty good deal I think.
I didn't get any cards, but I got 7x $20 ebay GCs for my effort. Not the worst outcome.

I also got an email that my order for instore pickup was ready today, but not sure I want to waste the time to go try to fight for a 1080 this late in the game. The pickup store already turned me down for a PM to BB.com on day 1. :oops: