Best/worst computer brands.

I will never buy anything made by HP ever again. Laptops, printers, tablets... everything I've gotten from them has broken within six months of owning it.
As a young high school kid back in the days my first PC was an Alienware- saved every single penny I could to get it. This was before Alienware was bought out by Dell. I thought it was the most bad ass thing. I had it for two years and saw the need to upgrade. I started researching how to upgrade the motherboard, ram, and gpu. Went the route of upgrading all the internal components myself. It was then that I realize how cheap some of these components Alienware used. The RAM was cheap generic ram without heatsinks. The power supply was a cheap Chinese brand. There was so many corners cut to make a huge profit margin. Ever since then I've built my own PC. I can pick and choose the case and components I want.

Also I've learn to avoid Razer gaming mouse and Logitech keyboards. Still have a pile of them in my closet where they just stopped working after the warranty runs out.
In my opinion the best computer brand is Lenovo.
It has a good quality / price ratio, good assistance and I can assure you that it resists well even in the heat and dust of a company .. 😅
from customers in PC workstations for SCADA supervision systems we always install Lenovo and they never gave us problems.
My favorite is how they ship most consumer systems with only 1 DIMM, citing more upgradability. Horseshit, it's a cost cutting measure that knocks 20-40% off your performance.

I'm not sure if they still do this, but it's the #1 reason I avoid Lenovo.
#1 reason to avoid Lenovo is direct Chinese ownership and everything that entails. They have stuff that looks great for the price. I'm still not touching it.
Lenovo Tinys are pretty cool and well built. They're not for gamers, professional and corporate entities but perfectly fine mom and pop and anyone else.