Best way to travel my rig?!


Oct 4, 2010
Hey guys, I am going back to college tomorrow with my first self-built rig, and I am curious what might be the best way to transport it? It will be in my jeep with me, but should I put it (and the peripherals) in the boxes they came in? And my rig in the towers box? Thanks.
Just put it on its side and make sure it wont slide around and it should be fine

IF you have a massive heatsink or a massive video card(s) it wouldnt hurt to remove those for the trip
^^ Thanks for the reply dude. Thats what my roommate does. I may throw the tower in the box just for some added protection, as I always do with my monitor so it doesn't bump anything and kill pixels. LoL. KB and Mouse are whatever, =P.
What HS/F are we talking about here? I would also recommend you set it on it's side with the MB and HS/F facing up. I would not bother putting it in a box or anything unless you plan to stack things on top of it or it's going to be really cramped in there.
Right now just the stock heatsink until I get some spare cash to buy a corsair H70.

It might get cramped, not 100% sure yet how much I am brining. And I'm not sure if it will be raining out, and I don't want anything to get wet taking it from the car inside and vice-versa.
Put it in a garbage bag and lay it on it's side like that, I do it all the time and have not had issues.
put it somewhere ..that in the unfortunate circumstance of an accident the case won't become a 30Lb projectile and kill you or another party.

I would use the box if you have it....

hmmm i wonder what the guys with custom waterloops do when they have to move their computer ....cry???? :D