Best way to transfer data files in this circumstance?


Dec 4, 2010

I just built a new PC and want to transfer data files (docs, pics, video, etc.) from an old 1 TB HDD (sata III) to a new 4 TB HDD (sata III).

The new disk will not have any partitions but the old HDD has several partitions, and I do not want to maintain these partitions...I just want the files.

Without spending money, what's the best/fastest/easiest way to accomplish this?

I'm running Win10. I can plug in the old drive into my psu and connect to new mobo if that helps.

Thanks for your feedback!
1. Connect the drive to your pc
2. Open the drive in my computer
3. Locate the files
4. Copy.
Use teracopy and set the confirm after copy option (called something like that) and it compares source to destination and checksum.
Synctoy is a free Microsoft file copy utility with a gui. Used to be based on Robocopy, which is an excellent tool. Not sure if they have updated it to run on powershell or not
IME, Robocopy works much better than SyncToy. SyncToy can get weird & unreliable with lots of files.

I prefer FreeFileSync. It's highly flexible, though there's a bit of a learning curve.
DOS prompt CD.. to your C:

xcopy C:\*.jpg F:\

(replace C with your source, replace F with wherever you what the files to go to. replace jpg with your other known file types)

One problem would be if 2 files have the same name it may hang it up or try to overwrite.
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There is a Microsoft utility called Windows Easy Transfer (WET), which was first supplied with Windows Vista. However, when Microsoft released Windows 8, it did a deal with Laplink to provide a free version of its PCmover program instead.

*Free download available from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016. Will run only if source PC is Windows XP or later and destination PC is Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

Alternatives to PCmover

EaseUS has also entered the market with an alternative Windows 10 Easy Transfer Tool, which is also a free download for home users. I haven’t used it, but I have used EaseUS’s free backup and partition management utilities.

In general, it’s better to re-install programs from scratch, using original media and any product keys required.
so whats the best one that has checksum capabilities because thats a big deal if it has that. I never knew something like that existed and thats awesome.