best way to shorten ARGB cables


Jan 1, 2023
I have a Jonsbo A4 both sides vissible glass panel mini ITX case

Oh boy the number I have done on it from drilling holes for new placement of power supply
as needed to run AIO up to radiator without too much bend in it
i shortened all cables with customs exact length cables
i got fan connectors to repin fan power cables shorten them

Even used black nail polish to cover certain annoying leds I didn’t want showing
And very much more modifications


I have 4 argb fans in this case to a controller and 2 argb light bars
But only thing left for a perfect system were ever cable as all are visible in 2 sided glass panel case
Is shorten the argb cables to exact lenghts

I have a few ways I might try but not want to make a mistake on this
Thought about buying a 5 to 1 argb adapter to just use the ends cut off to each cable I wanted to shorten

Well please can someone tell me the best way to shorten argb cables?
Rather than i try to reinvent the wheel many times over

Thanking you in advance
Use a cable tie is easiest. But if you are any good soldering or crimping that is one way of doing it. Me? I rather just use a cable tie or two.
cut, shorten and splice the argb wires. or zip tie them into a neat bundle.