best way to listen MP3 player in car?


Dec 31, 2005
Hey Guys, I am looking into getting an ipod so i can listen to music into my car. I know right now lots of people use fm transmitters for listening to mp3 players through the car's audio system. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good ones, since I've been reading reviews on a bunch of them and seems like people complain about them being weak lots of time. Or if there is some other way that I may not know of for listening through the car's speakers. Thanks.
I know you can ask the manufacturer if its any of the big hits to get a ipod dock built in very goo d i use a iTrip but found in different cars works differently
I have accomplished this two ways. 1) Alpine deck plus convertor in my '70 Chevelle since I was going with a top end system in there and 2) A scosche FM transmitter. I researched FM transmitters for a long time and finally decided on a scosche that you can buy at walmart for less than 30 bucks. It charges (through data port) and has 4 low and 4 high frequencies and comes in crystal clear. I actually kinda regret doing the alpine deck + convertor in my chevelle since this way is alot cheaper and almost just as good. It also never gets overridden by nearby transmitters. Definately go with the scosche it is the best one out there
I put an auxiliary input box into my Honda for my iPod. It's a $50 device that connects to the back of the stock honda stereo and has rca inputs. The stock stereo thinks that there's an external cd-player attached. (My stock deck has a tape input, but can also control a one-disc in-dash player or 6-disc external player)

I tried the FM-transmitter thing for a while but there's too many radio stations in the Baltimore area I kept getting bad interference. And the sound quality sucked using a tape adapter.

Here's a link to some example aux input boxes. I got mine about $20 cheaper through a different site but lost the link. If this is what you're looking for, find the model number that fits your car then google search on that, you should be able to find it cheaper.
Ok I am a little confused as to where these auxilary boxes plug into or how they work. I have am currently leasing an '05 Honda Accord, so would this box be what i needed?

And would I need anything else? We got a ton of radio stations in Cleveland, even I am at college atm I worry that a FM transmitter would have problems. But I only have another year on the lease for this car and I am not sure if I am going to buy it or not, so would this box be permanently or could i easily take it out. Thanks.
After trying a lot of options for my iPod way back when I first got it, I gave up and went with a Kenwood mp3 cd player. Probably not exactly the answer you were looking for, but it has worked great for me. I still use my iPod all the time, just not in the car :)

Back when I got mine it costs me quite a bit, but they are much cheaper now. Just something to consider.

If you wanna stick with the mp3 player hookup I would avoid the FM transmitters. Even the high end ones just don't work that well (or didn't for me anyway). I hated the hookups just because of the cables running through my car. I never found a good way to conceal them yet keep the mp3 player in an easy to reach spot.

EDIT: Oh you are leasing, yeah nevermind my mp3 cd player idea then ;) I don't think they would like you taking out the factory deck heh
My car's a '99 Accord so the interior and stereo are a little different than yours. My Aux input came with a cable, approx 12 inches, that is used to connect it to the stereo. One end gets plugged into the input box and the other end gets plugged into the CD player input on the back of the stereo.

Here's a pic of it fully installed:

I was expecting to have to cut an opening in my dash somewhere to run the cable through but didn't have to. Under my stereo there's a small piece of plastic molding that has a small notch in the bottom so you can get your fingers under it and remove it. The cable that came with the input box was just long enough to run under that little finger opening. It's a tight fit, but it works. I have no idea if the '06 honda is the same way.
Below is the picture of the small piece of molding. It's rotated 90 degrees to the right. The far right hand side would be the edge just below the stereo, the far left hand side has the small finger notch.

Here's another picture of the box, this time after I removed the molding.

The cable I use to connect my ipod to it is just a cheap cable with two rca jacks on one end and a normal eigth miniplug on the other end.

Hope this answers some of your questions.