Best way to find maximum OC for Bad Axe 2 / QX6700 combo


Limp Gawd
Feb 2, 2005
Hey guys,

Just putting together a BX2 / QX6700 build and was wondering what would be the most painless way to find my maximum stable OC. From what I have read, the BX2 uses a CMOS jumper reset if you have a failed overclock making overclocking the board somewhat tedious.

I haven't really done much overclocking since the old Celeron 266 days, so this will be somewhat of a learning experience for me. I have been reading through some of the motherboard tweak guides over at Xtreme Systems and trying to figure out the meaning of all the new BIOS options for my motherboard. Overall, I have found them to be quite helpful.

Anyways, as my processor is multiplier unlocked, I was thinking that it would probably be easiest to simply raise the multipliers first to get a rough idea of how far the CPU can stably run. Once I hit a point where it craps out, I could then knock down the multiplier one and then trying raising my FSB to trying and figure out what my maximum achievable clock speed is. Once I figure this out, I was then planning on trying to further lower the multiplier and increase the FSB back up to try and reach the previous stable speed, albeit now with a higher FSB. Would this be a good way to go about things? Also, what would be a good safe voltage when testing things out? I have a tuniq tower 120 heatsink that I am going to be using with the build. For memory, I have 4 gigs of Micron Dominator 8500 memory that should be able to run 1:1 with what FSB I end up at.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions - sorry for the noobish questions.