best way of backing up iphone media to local PC


Oct 11, 2003
I'm tired of manually copying files off my iphone via windows explorer.
Is there a way to basically sync photos and videos that are currently on your iphone to a specified PC directory? I'd imagine it would be able to analyze the photos that are in both locations and only copy over the new photos.

Zahid Iqbal

Oct 31, 2015
How To Backup iPhone With iTunes

Backing up iPhone with iTunes is the fastest method. First of all, you need to download and install iTunes on your computer. Download iTunes from Apple official website

If iTunes already installed on your computer, then update it to latest version by clicking on “Check for Updates” from “Help” menu.

Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Your iPhone will sync with iTunes and display under devices on the left menu of iTunes after some time. Select iPhone from devices and click on summary tab at the top of iTunes. Backup options will display. From backup options, select “This Computer” and click on “Back Up Now” button. Back up process will start and end after sometime depending on the size of your backup data. You can also restore your backup data to iPhone by selecting “Restore Backup”. In this way, you can backup your iPhone data to your computer with iTunes.
Now I will explain you how to backup iPhone data with iCloud.
How To Backup iPhone To iCloud

You can also make backup of your iPhone data with iCloud. Apple gives its iPhone users some free space (5GB) on iCloud. You must have a fast internet connection to use iCloud for iPhone backup.

From you iPhone, for iOS 7 and below iOS 7, go to

Settings => iCloud => Storage and Backup

For iOS 8 or later, go to

Settings => iCloud => Backup

Turn on iCloud Backup if it is off.

Now click on “Back Up Now”. Backup procedure will start and end depending on the size of iPhone data and your internet connection speed.