Best smartphone for the summer? (ATT)


Nov 15, 2005
I have a iphone 2g and thinking about upgrading this summer. It seems that the verizon incredible is getting a lot of raving reviews, though since my sister will get the new iphone, I don't know if it's cost effective to switch carrier just for the phone. Plus, we are currently on ATT already, less trouble to stay that way unless there's a good reason to do it.

So, my question is: what are some good alternatives I can look at to the iphone in the andriod market in the next couple months for use of a college student? The only iphone on my radar is the nexus one, which has some problems what I read and is butt ugly. I played around with my friend's N1 and doesn't see any significant difference now iphone supports multitask.


Fully [H]
Apr 8, 2009
Since you're coming from an iPhone and you already seem pretty biased toward it, I would just get the new one that comes out this Summer. I'm sure you'll be happy with it. The only other alternatives I know of on AT&T at the moment are the Backflip and Nexus One (which is way too expensive to be worth it, IMO). The Backflip is only running Android v1.6 though, I think and the hardware isn't really up to snuff compared to the Nexus One or even the Droid. It does seem like a cool phone still, mostly because of that neato touch pad on the back, dunno how well it works though since I've never even seen one.

So yeah.. just get the new iPhone. This is coming from a Droid owner, btw ;).


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 21, 2006
If you are still on the 2G then ANY of the new iphones will be a major step up for you.

I'd just get the new one when it launches.