Best ram for Ryzen 3900x?


Limp Gawd
Sep 19, 2012
Currently using Flair ram that I had for my 1700. Now that I have a 3900x, do I get a set of 3600 or is there really no performance gain? I would accept 10fps if that was a gain I would see.
3200c14? if so that RAM is as good as it gets just OC it to 3733c14-c16.
I was running my CAS16 3200mhz Hynix chipped HyperX Predators (2 x 16GB) @ 3800mhz CAS18 1.41v w/fclk @ 1900 (1:1) .. just see what your stuff can do and then decide

I just got another similar spec'd 32gb set to run 64gb and am now testing at 3600mhz w/fclk @ 1800