Best non-Steam casual/indie games?


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Dec 1, 2003
Steam has so many good games that I've never bothered looking elsewhere but I'm starting to run out of options. Genre doesn't matter much (no sports) but I'm looking for something more relaxed and of decent quality (PvZ, Trine, Audiosurf, Torchlight.)

Less twitch and more cerebral is good--I'm enjoying Eufloria right now. Tower defense games can be fun but I don't know of any commercial TD game other than Defense Grid.

Basically I'm looking for some little jewel I missed. I am looking at for some old games I missed (TA) but newer games would be preferable.

[edit] Now that I'm home and can post a list of what I do have:

Defense Grid TA + expansions
Future Wars
Gratuitous Space Battles
Chime - At some point I already bought it, lol.

Braid - loads of good word of mouth
Gish - ? Any comments on this ?
Puzzle Quest - looks maybe fun

[not interested]
blocks/tetris clones
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I'm wavering on Chime (and Braid) and will probably get them both.
Get Braid. The game can be really hard at times, but it's also extremely gratifying to finally get past the obstacles. And it has one of the best endings I've seen in any game in a long time.
Three of my favorites I'm playing on steam right now:

Galcon Fusion
Plain Sight
Killing Floor
get a friend and play sleep is death. probably the most innovative game ever made. REQUIRES two players. on the devs website you can name your own price (anything above 1.75 to cover bandwidth costs) and you get TWO copies. the developer also makes a game called Passage, its a very very short game that deals with the choices that we make and the effects it has on our life. Passage is free.
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Not sure what you mean by non-steam games. Some of those games are on places like impulse. But for a good selection check out
Super meat boy? Actually no thats not really relaxing.

What about non indie oldish games you can get for 10$?

I looked at Super Meat Boy and it didn't grab me.

I've been snapping up non-indie games and have a lot I haven't even started like Mount & Blade, King Arthur [whatever].

I'm in the middle of Titan Quest which is decent.

Vampire Masquerade:BL is something I'd like to try--but I'm pissed that ToEE got rushed out the door so Troika could rush out another game and fail.

Not sure what you mean by non-steam games. Some of those games are on places like impulse. But for a good selection check out

Games that aren't available on Steam--I really haven't looked around much because Steam is so convenient. I'm just starting to look at and I'll get to Stardock/Impulse (Gal Civ II sounds very good.)

Eventually I'll get Freespace 2.

Galcon Fusion
Plain Sight
Killing Floor
sleep is death

MP/coop = no. I'm just not a fan, sorry.

Dwarf Fortress looks like a good way to waste a ton of time.
For some reason you reminded me of sacrifice. It's kind of old now, but still looks decent (it scales quite well and the textures were high for the time) and was one of the last games that shiny (messiah, earthworm J) made. It was overlooked by so many people. It's a strategy game done in third person. It has memorable characters and a memorable world, and can be had now for about 10$. The single player is about 10 hours per side (theres 5 gods to do missions for though you can pick and mix paths). The shiny servers are down now if you want to do multiplayer, but there are some third party servers run by other people somewhere.
Booster trooper is pretty fun but I wouldn't give over $5 for it.
Why are you not interested in VVVVVV? It's an amazing indie game.

It looked too twitchy for me; I'm really looking more for relaxing games, although some of the arcade style stuff like Trine/Torchlight were enjoyable.
Amnesia Dark descent is awesome, creepiest games I've played in ages. its a bit like fatal frame in that you had no weapons and need to rely on your wits to survive. but yea survival horror at its greatest ^.^