Best MDM for family/kids


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Apr 8, 2009
I was using Cerberus for years since I was on the beta for it and got it for free. Then the dev reneged on the free subs and started charging for it.

I was about to just start paying for it since it did work well for the most part. There's were just some functions that wouldn't work for me, assuming because of Android restrictions/limitations as it got updated. But I figured I would ask H first before I jumped on it again.

I want something that will of course let me track location and phone status (battery), but also lock the phone out, call me on speakerphone (for when they don't pick up the phone), take pictures and/or record video (helped me recover a lost phone once time), etc. Cerberus let me do all of that, but just wondering if there may be better alternatives.

Edit: All Android phones, of course.
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Jul 23, 2010
Just out of curiosity, do you absolutely need a MDM? Would things like Kaspersky Safe or Norton Family be good enough for what you want to do?

If you’re still only consider MDMs, my company has been using ManageEngine for years. I don’t have very much experience with the others.