Best connection throughout the house.


Limp Gawd
Mar 29, 2009

i'm trying to get the best internet connection throughout my new house both wireless and wired.when it comes to networking,im a noob at it :( i am planning to set up everything downstairs the garage. all wired up from bottom to top with Ethernet jacks. 3 jacks on the second floor and 3 jacks on the third floor.
i just want to best of the best connection throughout my house and here are some questions i have.

1) Wireless is a must, but having the router all the way downstairs, how could i extend the signal so i will get the best signal throughout my whole house? btw my house is all wood. and hardwood floors
2) some rooms may require more Ethernet jacks. how do i split it if my room only have one jack? (ex. a computer and a ps3 with only one jack. what do i need to have both device running together at the same time?)
3)should i build a low end pc just for controlling the network?

4)what is the best home router out in the market right now? what should i get to meet my goals? price doesnt matter to me right now, but nothing too crazy. just the best for home. thanks :)


Sep 17, 2002
If you are completely new to networking as you say and the language of your post suggests then I highly recommend you hire someone to run the cables for you. You'll get it done right the first time.

Having said that, here are some answers:

1. Without knowing the square footage, we would have to guess as to the best layout for wireless. You might be able to get away with a single access point on the second floor. I am using a single access point on my bottom floor and it is reachable from every room on both floors.

2. If you only have one jack and you need more than one device to connect then you would place a switch at that location. One line to the wall jack. One line to the computer and one to the PS3. Any basic Dlink or Netgear switch will do the job.

3. No. I'm not sure what you mean by "control" the network.

4. I can't answer that if you are looking for a name brand solution. Personally, I would just build a basic PC (can be old parts) with two network interfaces and install PFSense.


Oct 7, 2009
nice drawing but can not tell much in term of coverage area and distance.

#1 + #3) Unless, you want to have an absolute control over your LAN then setup Firewall on linux box , else just get a decent Wireless Router-N should do what you need.

#2) Any particular why need Ethernet jack when you have good wifi?