Best Buy Testing "In-Home Consultants"

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    I don't want to be a dick (here it comes), but no one wants Best Buy in their homes now, what makes the company think this will work? Seriously, if people wanted this kind of service from Best Buy, the Geek Squad would already be doing this. Oh wait, they do all this already. :rolleyes:

    Now the Richfield-based electronics retailer is testing in a handful of markets a new in-home consulting service. Armed with a tablet, the adviser helps customers troubleshoot issues such as improving their wireless speed for faster streaming and can also recommend a whole host of products for the kitchen or throughout the home.
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    *I* don't want this. But I think there are a lot of folks who don't know s&%t when it comes to their computers, TVs, internet, phone, etc. And if the don't have some unfortunate sucker like myself who fixes all their broken virus laden crap every holiday - they'd turn to just about anyone they could trust. Best Buy won't screw em amirite?
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    Apr 4, 2013
    This is what this is all about.

    "Oh we're sorry but the Wireless N router that you have that you only use to stream Netflix to one device is "too slow" (as they didn't even fix the problem) so we're going to recommend you get this Extreme AC 4000 router to fix the problem...we think you need a new microwave as well".
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    They already did this to me when I was a cable tech, ugh, so glad I'm back in an office working on servers, the problems people would lay on whoever comes in the door lol. Shit, if people will pay then do it, wonder if they'll push the overpriced crap like the theater crews do, and half those guys don't know shit
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    Jul 30, 2004
    Awesome. Now they can install 5 conflicting anti-virus programs for my mom in her own home!
    Wild guess, every single solution they have involves purchasing a product that they happen to have with them or can order for you at!
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    Just get naked and tie yourself up with your ass in the air before they get there. It will be easier that way.

    Don't forget to lube!
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    What a great way to up sell people on something they don't need.
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    Jun 24, 2015
    It's a good idea in theory because most people don't know a god damn thing about setting up technology in their homes, especially when it comes to home cinema. Best Buy doing it won't work, because the people they hire don't know a god damn thing about setting up technology in homes, especially when it comes to home cinema.
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    Will this be a separate department from Geek Squad?
    If it is, wouldn't that be redundant?
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    I remember walking though the store once, if I recall they had something that was on sale, price mistake low, and I was looking for it, and the guy was talking to a lady trying to up sell her on a WiFi router, she said her internet was slow and she was looking to get something to help that, he asked what she had and was clueless about it, and as soon as she said that, he jumped in with the most expensive one they had, saying YT videos could fully load in a second etc etc. I laughed out loud, I asked her what speed she was paying for internet, come to find out she had something like 3/256 DSL, I said there is your problem, and went into detail on how spending money on this device would be a total waste for internet based use. Pretty sure I am still not welcome in that store.
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    Nov 11, 2011
    I was browsing around a Magnolia demoing some speakers a few weeks ago and struck a conversation with the manager I know. He admitted to me that selling the TV or speakers doesn't matter and that is for the main floor - they are instructed to "consult" people into full home "automation" for $50k+. Other than the fact that we are mutual friends of a friend, this guy could care less about my $5k TV purchase or tower speakers and knows that I'm not looking for those ancillary products or services (don't need the $500 HDMI cable because it has fairy dust and puppy farts in it and I can run my own wires). He also said they strategically locate all Magnolia within a certain radius of a very high average household income (obvious), and the entire team can pick out the whales within seconds of entering the show floor. He's done $100-200k theater's a number times for someone who came in for a flagship LCD and a Bose surround.

    Must be working and they are branching out to other services. Get in, convince people value of the Samsung Hub kitchen set, smart home lighting and climate control, wireless extenders in every room, etc.... goldmine. I can't imagine what they would charge for installation.
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    Me: I have a Linux box...
    Worst Buy: What's Linux? Must be a virus.... I can fix that!
    Me: Fuck off.

    End of story... ?
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    The idea is solid, but the problem with it is the fact it is BestBuy. They do not give any certified training on proper IT process and procedures or give proper technology training to their technicians. All the Geek Squad techs I have ever had the un-pleasure to talk to should not be working with anyone's computers or handling their data. Granted some were very smart individuals, they just lacked proper process and technical training which if they had. I sure they would be great support techs.

    Probably the worst I have ever seen it was once I was in BestBuy to return something. I was in the customer service line which was right next the Geek Squad window and I overheard two techs telling this poor old couple things that were wrong with their computer and they were blatant flat-out lies. I have no tolerance for that shit so I walked over to the couple and hand them my business card to show them I was the IT Director for my company as well as a legitimate IT Professional. I explained to them that all the work they were trying to be charged for was just BS and I would fix their computer for free and that is was simple 1-hour fix. That has been almost 10 years ago and I still get a Christmas card and a can of carmel corn from them for helping them with their computer.
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    The nerd herd did it already in 2007. I wish buy more was a real thing.
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