Best books for a beginner VMware/ESXi admin?


Dec 20, 2006
I recently started a new job, and this is the first place I've worked in years that isn't visualizing anything. Since we're still running a bunch of Server 2k3 systems I'm thinking now is the time to migrate everything we can to an ESXi environment.

At my last job everything was virtualized in ESXi starting with version 4 and ending in version 5.5. I have lots of experience managing/creating/deleting/etc guests in this environment (three hosts clustered with vmotion), but I have yet to actually build my own environment from scratch. The most I've ever done from the "fresh build" aspect is buy a host, install ESXi, get it online and join it to VCenter.

I would like to configure this new environment in much the same way. Two hosts with vmotion and ESXi 5.5 connected to VCenter. I have one machine already that I'd like to use as a host, and we will purchase another matching machine next year to add as a cluster for redundancy.

I feel like I don't know what I don't know in regards to what options I have and what hardware I need to get everything working. So I imagine I'll want a book that can help me fill in the details?


[H]F Junkie
Mar 16, 2001
Instead of a book go try a free subscription to and look at their training. Well worth the price (cheap!).

Disclaimer: I have written a number of courses for them.