Best bang for buck 49 inch? (Light gamer, more for productivity/development (non color corr)


Aug 11, 2004
I'm thinking of upgrading from my current setup, a 32 QHD HP Omen with a 27 inch FHD Dell monitor on each side. While I used to game back in the day and occasionally still do, my standards were such that I never really felt the need for more than 60 FPS - generally I try to follow the "unseen swap" principle, where if someone was to swap my setup out with an inferior one, would I even notice the actual difference between 60 fps and 120 (unless you put them directly side by side, otherwise, how LONG would it take me to notice)

My use case is mainly for using the Unreal Engine for development (VR but I usually wear the HMD about 5% of the time when actually developing_

I've found in my research that I'm going to end up paying a premium for features I don't want/need - mainly these are

Gamer features, like higher refresh rates/VRR
Color Accuracy - Not what I need

TLDR - I just want a QHD 49' and don't care about many features other than that.

While I've thought about trying one of those 48 inch LG TV's, I don't like the form factor and the price is comperable to the Samsung G9.

There are also cons to switching to Super-wide, and they factor into my reluctance to switch - I've been using multimonitors for like 10 years, so I'm pretty damn quick to organize windows - I don't even use display fusion or docker, I just use windows hotkeys to snap stuff. While I'm sure they have fine work arounds at this point, I know there will be some quirks I'll have to deal with, (like how to stream your monitor's view in programs like zoom or discord, and now you are reliant on those programs to implement those features or your view is super small (I know I could use OBS to overcome this)

I'd welcome your opinions. I'm leaning to maybe even getting something like a 34 or 38 and keeping the 27's , or perhaps getting a 40'' and getting one protrait monitor, that seems to be a solid compromise I see some developers taking. And I'll admit, I love how ultra widescreen setups look, so if that's some 'bling' that I need to get past, feel free to talk me down from the ledge.