Best 3000 series choice for vertical mount setup


Limp Gawd
Nov 1, 2004
I was planning on going for a 3080 FE right at launch as trying to catch 3rd party models when they randomly go in stock before bots get them feels like it will be next to impossible but looking at my setup now not sure how the FE cooing will work. Using a TT View 71 RGB with vertical gpu mount. I think there is about half an inch between the glass and my current 1660 ti which the fans barely come on and it never gets hot as I don't really push it very hard but I will finally be able to do 4K/120 hdmi with the 3080 so it will likely be getting warm. The FE would exhaust right into glass and back into the card? To bad I can cut vents right there.

Never done or cared to really do an open loop cooling setup either so not really wanting to go water block. I guess a Hybrid is my best option where it just has one intake fan facing the glass.

Any others with vertical gpu setups decided on what card to get?


Sep 1, 2020
I started looking into vertical GPU mounting where the cooler faces toward the left side panel for an upgrade to my own system, and well, I agree you're more or less going to want a hybrid for that.

Nvidia's new cooler design for the 3080 and 3090 has two directions of flow, where the solo fan exhausts out of the PCIe slots, which is good, but the tandem (blow through) fans blow 'up'. When you set the GPU in a vertical mount position, that 'up' is now... your motherboard.

Next, the typical AIB cooler works by circulating air around the cooler and relying on airflow throughout the enclosure to cycle mixed air out of the case. As you mention there's not a lot of room in your case between the place that those fans sit and the side of the case, which is typical of such mounts, this is far from optimal.

So that leaves the Hybrid design, mostly done by Corsair for EVGA, MSI, and probably others. These are basically blower cards with an AIO bolted to the GPU, with the AIO handling GPU cooling and the blower cooling the rest of the card. Since these coolers only need a small fresh supply of air for the blower, and the blower doesn't need to work very hard to keep the 'un-GPU' parts of the card cool, then there will probably be little to no performance degradation when using one in a vertical mount.