Best 2.5" HDD/hybrid drives for Silverstone RVZ02B mini-itx case?

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Limp Gawd
Nov 14, 2004

Currently researching a mini-ITX LGA 1151 system with an M.2 main drive, but I'd like to have a media drive or two as well. Seriously eyeballing the slim Silverstone RVZ02B for it's looks / full GPU support. However, to fit in a full size graphics card, I'm only going to have two 2.5" drive bays to work with.
Anyone try raiding some of the hybrid drives together? I'd really like to have at LEAST 4 TB of data... though I guess I could just expand my current main system's tower with some more drives, I guess / turn it into a media box when I build the new rig.
Thoughts / suggestions?
For that much storage in a small system i'd suggest something external, like a small NAS in the closet, something usb 3.0 or your idea of turning your old system into a NAS.

Not worth the data loss chance running death wish raid (aka: Raid 0)
For 2.5 hdd i would recommend to consider the Samsung Seagate Spinpoint M9T 2TB 2.5-Inch ST2000LM003 , i have used it on my PS4 and on couple of laptops as storage drive, and been really great. I wouldnt raid it though, just have two storage drives.

The spinpoint was on my extremely short list. I may just do the one 2 TB spinpoint and also make my older rig the NAS setup (which it already is functioning as, really... I just need to slap in a bigger HD to replace / add to the current filled 4 TB.

Also, "death wish raid" is an awesome name for RAID 0. I'll see if I can make that a thing with the Geek Squad dorks I often work with. :)