Benq 15" LCd, Modded Xbox, DIY Projector Lenses/ballast/bulb


Jun 27, 2004
Biostar m7viw motherboard. Socket A, AGP, DDR or SD ram (one or the other, not both at tthe same time)


Also selling:

Viewsonic nextvision n6

Simply plug and play with the ViewSonic NextVision N6 video processor and turn any display into a high-definition, full-screen TV and multimedia entertainment center. With a built-in NTSC TV tuner and multiple video connections for extras like a DVD player, digital camera, VCR, HDTV set-top box or game console like PS2, GameCube or Xbox, you can work, play, channel surf, watch movies and more at the touch of a button

Can do 480i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i resolutions

Includes remote

Asking $150 shipped


Also have the lenses, bulb, and ballast that would be used to make a 15" triplet DIY projector from but I decided not to do it


Make offers please

I am interested in 2, 1gb sticks of pc2700 desktop RAM

xbox = sold
LCD = sold

Here's my heat: Heatware


Limp Gawd
Dec 31, 2000
im interested in the xbox if you can come down on the price, or load it up with a bunch of games/emulators/movies