Belkin Thunderbolt dock with slow PD


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 18, 2001
My wife bought a Belkin Thunderbolt dock for her Macbook 16" (still to arrive). I have an MSI Prestige 15 (current model). This MSI supports Thunderbolt 3 and the charger I normally use is USB-C. I tried the dock on this MSI computer and almost everything works as it should. Once the connection is authorized in Windows, USB and Display Port work just fine and it says that it is plugged in however it is more like a trickle charge. It will charge fully overnight if the computer is off however when plugged into the dock, the charge must be a very slow rate because the charge of the battery drops even when doing nothing.

This dock only lists compatibility with Macbooks but I figured I'd give it a try. The Adapter the dock uses is 170w.

Is this normal for everything to work with the gotcha of really slow PD?