Beginning to learn Hyper-V Server


Apr 6, 2005
So I have been trying to learn how to deploy Hyper-V to clients and I really can't find much information on it. Is there a seed or something I need to install so they know to connect to the server for the OS? I want the process to be transparent to the end user as possible.

I've done lots of playing with Hyper-V on Windows 10 for my MCSA certification, but that was limited to the VMs that were installed locally. There was really no info about how to make a room full of computers connect to a Hyper-V server.

I have created a server for Hyper-V Server 2019, I have a server with WDS to create the images, now I just don't know how to make machines use them.

Thanks to any direction you can provide.


Nov 16, 2009
What do you mean a 'room full of computers connect to a hyperv server'? HyperV allows a server to share its hardware resources with 1 or more Virtual Machines hosted on that server. It has nothing to do with other computers connecting to it. You're either a VM running on that host, or you are connecting to the HV host from a workstation for remote administration.

WDS is a completely separate service for imaging workstations/servers. It has nothing to do with HyperV, unless you are trying to create a VM based on one of those images. Then you would most likely have the HV server do a pull from the WDS server to build the VM.