Been out of the Pc game for 5+ years need help


Oct 25, 2001
Working on a old Laptop Dell M4700. Cinebench score is like 623.

Computer will be used for Keyshot real time cpu rendering and other minor 3d work in zbrush. No over clocking what so ever my final keyshot renderings will render during the 21 days i work offshore. I picked a work station card as I do like the fact it supports up to 4x displays and this is also good for my day trading when looking at charts but also for my 3d work

This is the AMD Ryzen build I have in mind:







Power supply

Does that PS fit that case?
What fan would you use for the processor?
What changes would you make if any?
Ok. First tip I have for you:

That'll give you a good idea about compatibility and budget. Second tip:

There's a stickied forum post specifically talking about asking advice for a new build. In particular, it has a list of questions. If you'd kindly answer them, it would go a long way towards making sure we're giving you relevant advice. Here's a link to the post:

Looking at your post, I'd like a bit more information on the demands of keyshot; it shouldn't be taking 21 days to render an image.

Finally... You don't need a workstation card - even the lowly 1050ti supports 4 monitors, as long as you get one with 4 display outs, and would be more than enough for renders.
What will you be doing with this PC?
Keyshot, Zbrush and minor 3d work

Will you be overclocking?

What's your budget
2,000 USD

Where do you live
Pasadena Tx

What exact parts do you need for that budget
I need all parts and would like to stick to AMD Ryzen

What specific features do you need in a motherboard?

What resolution output do you need
4k or higher

Does this system need to fit into a particular space and do you need an optical drive?
No and a blu ray drive is needed

How comfortable are you with custom case design/modification and electrical wiring?
Don't want to do it. Would like plug in play

How important is the noise/silence of this sytem?
Computer will not be close to me don't care

How mobile does this system need to be?
Not mobile is fine

Do you already have a legit and reusable/transferable OS key/license?

When do you plan on building/buying the PC?
7/14 days from today

As far as rendering goes I Que up all my projects and let them render 24/7 while I am offshore no one render takes 21 days. Also thank you for the tip
The case you have listed doesn't support a blu ray drive, The Raven RZ01 does have a slot loading optical drive, if you want this style of case it is one of the only ones with a optical drive option, It does only support SFX or SFX-L PSU but you could use one of these

The Asrock motherboard would work and is probably the best Ryzen option atm for m-itx, check their QVL to make sure that ram is compatible.
Okay, my opinion on this:

Ryzen will work better than Kaby lake (since you want to use it for CPU based rendering) but if you really need a fast machine (in the next few days) I would go for a X99 or Xeon build. If you can wait about one month you could go for AMDs Thread ripper which would outperform Ryzen massively, though you would probably have to go for an ATX system. I do not expect any m-ITX boards or mATX at launch since the socket is huge!

If you think 8 cores are fine for you and you do not want to overclock the 1800x is probably the best/fastest choice. Though if you are comfortable with a bit of OC I would really recommend buying an 1700 since you can pretty much match the performance of the 1800x for 150$ or so less.

Next is RAM, Ryzen really likes Samsung B Dies and you should make sure you got the newest BIOS version before you try to get it running since they improved memory support a lot since launch.
In this reddit thread you find a list with memory kits where we are sure which chips are used. The 32GB Kits are at the bottom (just search "32GB Kit"). This doesn't not mean the Ballistix kit won't work well, it just means I don't know if it will.

Next is motherboard, do you need an X370 board? Here you see the differences in chipsets in a table. X370 basically gives you more connectivity over B350.
The Asrock motherboards seem to work pretty well, question is X370 or B350.

I don't know how minor your 3d work is which makes it kinda hard to pick a GPU but if it is really minor and you just want 4 monitors connected to it there are cards like this one with 3 HDMI 2.0 ports and one DP 1.4 port. That equals four 4k screens.
I also wouldn't 'overbuy' the GPU at the moment because of this stupid mining craze which increased the prices quite a bit.

Next is storage, I personally really like the speed of an M.2 NVME drive which you also might enjoy if you move large files around or have a lot of read/write tasks. The 500GB versions are about 70$ more expensive than the SATA versions which I personally don't mind. If you don't need it however, buy the SATA version.

The case I am just gonna copy from rfarmer and go with the RVZ01.

In terms of power supply I am gonna go with the Corsair SF450 450W SFX power supply. I have tested this one (and the SF600) myself (everything from max power over temperature to transient responses) and it performed really really well.

As optical drive I picked the Panasoni UJ-256 because it was the only one with a price in pc-partpicker but any slim drive would work I assume.

And finally, for the cooler, I would never use an AIO liquid cooler for a build which I just let running over 3 weeks without being there but you can if you want. I went for the Noctua NH-L9x65 because it shouldn't be too big and it should cool a non overclocked 1800x just fine.

So that is all, the builds clocks in at about 1600$ and for your convenience, here is a PC part picker link to change whatever you want.

P.S. don't forget to activate XMP or the expensive RAM will be fairly useless.